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  1. No one from Lorby told me to move them. Lorby just reading what is in scenery library so Im asking you if this is correct Orbx at the bottom coz this Im not sure, but you dont know so thanks for your time.
  2. Hi guys, just wanted to ask if this default layering which appears after Orbx installation is correct? not sure if default terrain is in correct place and these few airports below OLC, LOWL checked and it has to be down there otherwise it doesnt look ok.
  3. ok I'll have a look but have to install it back
  4. it is visible in ORBX Central, however I can, but please have a look into it
  5. yeah libraries are installing now with Global but they are located at the top of my orbx scenerie list, more over the name of YBCS is FTXAA_YBCS I've changed folder name to FTX_AA_YBCS to have airports on the top but as ou can see is still loading at the bottom and linbs are on the top but this shouldn't have an impact that YBCS is not loading to scenery cfg file and airport is not visible in the sim.
  6. just installed YBCS and it shows instaled in Central but no entry in scenery in the sim and no airport as well. Had to do it manually but I dont know if its ok to do so however it should pop in automaticaly into scenery shouldn't it?
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