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  1. 1 hour ago, azgoodaz said:

    I forgot to put this in the Google doc, but it would be nice to later on integrate a system like what FS Economy or OnAir Company has. Make your own version of this system, currently both are horrible, one you need to get through hoops in order to sign up (and it's about 10 years old, 0 development was thought about this UI) and another is subscription based which is horrible, no free version.


    It would be nice to have your own company and invite friends to the company or freelance if you choose to do so. A system where you can be in control of your own Virtual Airliner company or one you can be apart of. If you can do this, everyone will flock to Volanta.


    I agree with you, I'm on OnAir Company but both of them feel "ancient" and bad supported or developed on UI side (do something simple is always a mess).

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