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  1. Hello happy simmers, My flightsim journey only started about 12 months ago and already I’m knee deep in add ons and 2 sims. After spending a large proportion of my time in single prop vfr flying I’ve finally fired up the Zibo mod and into the world of tubeliners and being particularly hard on myself I have also grabbed the MJC q400. I was looking forward to developing the Aussie landscape further in p3d and embark on some short hop in the q400 and was looking to add some local Orbx fields to my collection along with various utilities etc... but now what to do..... I’m Interested in hearing how other people are reacting to the recent news and if they also are putting away the credit cards and waiting it out. Ill obviously continue to play the old sims given the available content but I can’t help thinking that MFSF will reign supreme and thus command all my attention even when waiting potentially years for a Q400 etc.. Thoughts...
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