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  1. This has been one I've been excited about for a very long time. I thought it was dead, but then was encouraged to see it on the road map in feb 2022.
  2. Yes. Hey Orbx guys. What kind of time are we looking at for you guys to PBR your base stuff then SELL it to us in p3d?
  3. also curious on this one. following
  4. following as well. I just noticed the other day when on the ramp after calling gsx that some of the gsx vehicles were on a terrain level underneath my plane.
  5. Just picked up this airport for V5. I know just about all my payware airports had to redo lighting fx otherwise PBR aircraft would show up as all black. Is there a fix for this one yet?
  6. will you guys have the ability to allow us to import projectfly data? I have downloaded the data and have it on my machine now. thanks.
  7. as somebody who flies airliners in V5, MSFS has limited appeal to me. I have it and see great potential. But it doesn't cater to my type of flying right now. And recent news makes it sounds like its going to take longer than I originally thought.
  8. I'm noticing when I view the ILS in a Third Party Program that is appears detached and like it's its own airport. Hard to explain. But see image. Is this normal?
  9. Ray. Not sure if this will help you or not. I was getting the VCRuntime140.dll event code intermittently when requesting pushback in GSX. I reinstalled the visual basic redistributables and to be safe uninstalled and reinstalled GSX. As of now the error has gone away.
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