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  1. It is great that you are using ZL18. I found that doing Helicopter flight over the Balearic Islands, the high resolution did enhance the experience a lot. ZL18 is a great choice. (Would be awesome if we had True Earth Taiwan in ZL18 for X-Plane someday. It is 36.193 km² but the True Earth Washington release had 237,956 km² in ZL17. So True Earth Taiwan in ZL18 would require less disk space than True Earth Washington in ZL17.)
  2. Awesome scenery, I think I will buy this one soon. (Update: I just bought it.) I would also like to check out the new airports that you did for MFS2020 for Japan. Could you let me know which ones you made?
  3. Great pictures. Fascinating aircraft. I bought it too.
  4. Hello Sir I would highly advise you to upgrade your installed RAM to(at least) 32GB. Combining that with a Geforce 3070 might be cheaper than just a Geforce 3080. There are reports of Geforce 3080 cards having issues with very high clock speeds. The ASUS card however has a slightly different design with much better components. It might be the best AIB 3080 card. However be aware there are rumors of Ampere cards with 16GB and 20GB of VRAM.
  5. I have a question. I do own KOS (MFS2020, XP11) , but if I select the bundle in the store I only get 15% on Vienna, and 15% on Berlin. Should I not get 30% discount for Berlin and 15% for Vienna? The screenshots look great. Your products are amazing. I recently bought Zell am See (I like these kind of scenic airports a lot) , KOS, and Innsbruck. Any chance we might get Cologne Airport by Gaya Simulations someday?
  6. After buying some airports for MFS2020 and being amazed at the high quality of airports like Zell am See and Innsbruck, I was wondering if airports like Compton Abbas are also planned to be ported to MFS2020. (Sorry if this was said already and I missed it.)
  7. I also have this problem. Tried to install the SD Version of TrueEarth US Southern California twice, and it stops shortly before the download would be completed.
  8. There is a small error in the product description of TrueEarth US Southern California HD . https://orbxdirect.com/product/us-socal-hd-xp11 "The download size of this product is 162.89 GB. It uses 53.84 GB when installed. "
  9. Many thanks to the team for the support. Everything is working fine now.
  10. Thank you for your reply. I used the website for purchase. In the cart the full price is displayed if I check out, I am getting asked for payment details. In the popup window once I enter my name/address I am getting asked for credit card details, however at the button of this popup the full price is still displayed. I did check with the Orbx Central app and where was no mention of a discount either.
  11. Hi I just purchased the X-Plane 11 North California HD version. (I wanted to own both versions, but play the SD version at the moment, because the performance advantage.) I tried to add the SD version but there is no discount? Is the SD version not included with the HD version? Thanks in advance for clarification.
  12. Thank you for your answer. I understand. Looking forward to flying over the new region. Also thank you for the wonderful Innsbruck region, I have been there often while traveling to Italy.
  13. I would like to ask the Orbx Team , if Orbx might consider introducing a prepurchase option sometime?
  14. The scenery looks amazing. Looking forward to flying along the whole west coast of the USA from Washington to California.
  15. Probably because the benefit of seasons is mostly seen in certain climate zones. For many countries in a hot climate zone like for example Vietnam, seasons wouldn´t make that much of a visual difference (due to the lack of snow) as for Great Britain or Germany. By the way I think many people are/would be interested in a very high quality Vietnam scenery.
  16. Thank you for clarifying about True Earth Great Britain. After having visited the UK around a dozen times from the South of England to the North of England, I think to capture the beauty and magic of the English countryside is not an easy task, but I think True Earth Great Britiain does this extremely well already especially combined with extra airports like Compton Abbas Airfield. Looking forward to seeing this remade version someday, in the meantime I will enjoy the current version.
  17. I read that there are plans to make a SD version of True Earth Washington and so I like to ask there are plans to also make a SD version of True Earth Great Britain. While do I like the high quality of True Earth Great Britain Central I also do appreciate the reduced VRAM usage of the True Earth Oregon SD version.
  18. It looks so amazing. I also really like that there is this quality selection option making it possible to buy the package , while offering to download the SD version after purchase and downloading an HD version once I get a better computer/graphics card.
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