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  1. Hello Orbx fans. Since EAgle2504's reply of 28 July 2021, not much has changed. Do the people at Orbx who decide what scenes to produce look at the forum and the aspirations of the simmers? I've bought a lot of Orbx products since FSX and P3D and I wonder about the choice of sceneries. I deplore the fact that there is almost nothing on the level of Orbx or FlyTampa (Corfu for example) for Madeira and also the regretted (for the simmers, not for the travellers ;-) ) Kai Tak VHXX airport. It was already incredible to make a landing there on P3D, so I imagine on X-Plane. So, how do we try to convince the professionals to do these two sceneries which are a huge challenge to fly when the weather is bad. The immersion would be really extraordinary if we had realistic scenery (especially in Madeira where you have to skim the the coast of the island to land on runway 05). Now that I own a small house in this jewel of the Atlantic, I go there regularly and it's just a pleasure to go to the airport to see the landings. If there is a problem with the financial return of these projects, I don't think I'm the only one who would be willing to pay to get that sceneries. I hope that our suggestions will be heard by the decision makers at Orbx or other scenery creators, and I wish you all a great flight on our fantastic simulator. Lolopilote Traduction by DeepL
  2. Hello. After having done Canary islands for X-Plane 11, it would be perfect to have the beautiful Madeira islands with its special airport for landings. The GCLA-LPMA Las Palmas - Funchal flight would be superb with the Orbx scenery of both islands. Are other X-Plane users as interested as I am? Orbx must not forget that there are still a lot of virtual pilots who did not switch to MSFS2020 and will remain faithful to X-Plane for its immense qualities which will still improve on X-Plane 12. Good flights to all. Lolopilote
  3. Hello, just a little help for a bug. There are some dark area on Lake Neuchâtel in Switzerland and also near Lake Thun. Very nice work and looks soon forward to the couple Vector and OpenLC Europa. Greetings Lolopilote
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