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  1. I bought GAYA sim LOWW today, but I accidently bought it for MSFS instead of P3D. Product has not been downloaded (had a similar problem with Aerosoft but I was given a refund since the product was never downloaded). I´ve read about another thread here on the forum were a customer accidenley bought YBAS instead of Tapini. Can my problem be solved like his? Thanks, Wilhelm Transaction ID: 5fc219e72f141 Product: LOWW Vienna International Airport - Microsoft Flight Simulator Amount paid: $23.15 AUD Purchased at: 2020-11-28 09:38:24 Quantity: 1
  2. Hi marcus, the ground all glass is now working, however the jetways are still not visible. The ground and all glass started working after doing a reinstall of Objectflow.
  3. Hi marcus, I do have ORBX_ESGG.XML. Something strange happened when I tried to reload the sim with a fresh install of ESGG, i do not how to express this in english so I will take it in swedish for you marcus, Efter en nyinstallering utav landvetter, så blev marken (taxibanor, rampen och rullbanan) helt blurrig och den ser förfärlig ut. En annan sak som har inträffat är att glasväggarna vid terminalen er nu helt borta, det är bara helt genomskinligt. Är helt säker på att glaset är borta, har aldrig sätt ngt liknade. Se bilder nedan: Tack, Wilhelm
  4. I bought ESGG an hour ago, and when I install it via the Orbx central and when I enter the sim, no jetways are visible. Im using P3D v4.5, and I have S.O.D.E installed and registered any ideas?
  5. Operating system: W10 Simulator: P3D v4.5 Screenshot: Issue: Javascript error
  6. Hi! Recently purchased the Orbx base pack and the Orbx LC euroupe. The first Days using it was perfect, but a few Days in (when I launched a new Flight) Fsx said that there was something wrong with the Terrain.CFG folder/file. Don´t Remember Exactly what it said, so I`m wondering IF someone have gotten the same Message as me. Now when I compare The ORBX base with ORBX base+LC there is no Differnence. Those Yellow Fields you get as a new texture are gone for example. Gladful for replies:-)
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