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  1. Thank you SO MUCH Orbx for making this happen. I will obviously buy early as soon as possible to show support and gratitude on this big project.
  2. Hi, Can you link to the message/thread ? I do own vector, I would like to understand what I loose/gain between P3Dv4+Vector VS P3Dv5 without it. Thanks !
  3. Same here, really amazing job from Orbx. After a migitated first P3Dv5 I spent some time tweaking the settings and have an amazing experience with "most sliders to the right" using Vsync ON, Triple buffering, Target FPS 50 on my rig. Works great with Vsync off / unlimited FPS too but it fluctuates too much imho on my aging hardware. This really feels great to know the huge amount of money invested in P3Dv4 Orbx stuff is already v5 compatible. Hats off to you guys !
  4. So... first impressions.... Vanilla P3Dv5 is providing good performance on my "weak" computer (i7 4790k, 32 GB DDR3 2400, GTX 1070 6 GB VRAM). It looks ugly (except clouds), still suffer from long load times (not any addon installed), I am mitigated so far. I will see how it goes once I have some addons enabled on V5 (Orbx first, then Active Sky), but it rather looks 4.6 to me than 5. It's still the ESP engine with a new DirectX 12 backend.
  5. Download is fast as they use a CDN downloading at 400 Mbit/s here in France
  6. Go straight to https://secure.prepar3d.com/solo/products/LicenseAgreement.aspx?ProdOptionID=1089 Got it ordered, now trying to download.
  7. Well you lucky one. The website is just plain dead, I can't connect at all, the best I was able to do is "add to cart"... I do not know which server/CMS they use but it does not scale to current demand
  8. I had the same here, I can get the website is overloaded and/or they are pushing the v5 live right now
  9. Thanks for your answer John so we have an idea of the rough development costs. Do some people know a platform to setup a "pledge" or similar thing (worldwide) ?
  10. Great to see I'm not alone and some supportive people in the community ! Let's hope we can get some feedback from John Venema on these ideas !
  11. Hello, So glad to see OpenLC Africa being released, just bought it (instabuy). We're so close to have a full worlwide cover of Orbx regions with seasonal support it's sad to know OLC Asia has been dumped. Maybe you should run some polls or asks for interested people to prebuy / preorder a possible OLC Asia region ? Or use crowdfunding ? I would gladly buy it full price to make sure my P3DV4 has a worldwide Orbx cover, especially since I am afraid FS2020 will soon become FS2022.... Keep up the good work and stay safe at home ! An happy customer from France, Romain
  12. Awesome news ! I will buy both products Day one ! Thank you so much for the update !
  13. Honestly LC is convenient, space efficient and enough for me for regions I do not know well enough to differentiate with ortho scenery. And I will buy openLC Africa and would buy openLC Asia. Full price, day one.
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