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  1. Hi! As a suggestion only, I would like you to offer this type of promotion that you can do for those like me, which uses several flight simulators, such as Microsoft Flight Simulator, P3Dv4 as well as X-Plane 11. For example, if I have an Orbx product on any simulator, could it be possible to buy that same product reduced to 50% for any other simulator? You offer free any product on FSX if we have this product on P3Dv4 and the same thing the other way around. But for X-plane and MSFS, I'm not talking about free, but that it can be obtained for example at half price. Note that this is only a suggestion and thank you for reading me.
  2. I'm not sure how to do it. Are there any explanatory videos? I can't find any on the internet? Or can you explain it to me in any other way?
  3. After 3 installations, removal, and resets that were incomplete, because of a file that has a decompression problem. Attachments after each installation, and after checking files. Always the same problem.
  4. Hi! It is impossible for me to update Australia v2 to v2.1.3. The error tells me that this product cannot be installed because it is not compatible with the following products. Here the message does not mention any products to be uninstalled. Note that previously I had uninstalled Australia v1 before installing version 2. So I don't understand the error. Should I uninstall Version 2 and risk not being able to reinstall version 2.1.3 See attachments. Thank you!
  5. You offer during the July promotion, 2 free airports, but you do not offer any compensation for those who already have these 2 airports. Too bad especially for those like me, are good customers at home. I'm very disappointed. I do not say any more.
  6. After mentioning this, I went to see in ORBX Central and the price was ok (special), but I do not buy via ORBX Central. And seeing that I went back to my account and everything became okay again. The special price of upgrade to Washington HD is the same as that of The Oregon HD. Thank you!
  7. HI! About TrueEarth Northern California HD, I hesitate to buy this product in SD, because it seems that I will not be able to benefit from a price of update as it is possible with Oregon. If you notice my account (picture attached,no big special price for upgrade in Washington HD), you will see that I enjoy a great price for Oregon HD if I come to eventually change my SSD for a bigger one. But unfortunately I do not benefit from this special price with TrueEarth Washington HD, because I bought this one in SD for lack of space. So I'm afraid this is the same for California HD. Note that at the time of my purchase from Washington SD, it was stipulated that I would have a great price if eventually I go later in HD. So here I only want to check why I had this benefit only with Oregon. Having known in advance, I would not have bought Washington SD, and I would have waited for the purchase for Washington HD after the purchase of a larger SSD. Thank you for enlightening me on this subject.
  8. Attention Josh Koz, Hi Sir! You were absolutely right because ORBX Central stayed in the system after closing. So my downloads always block, and I reactivate them by opening ORBX Central again. I no longer have to continually restart my computer. So we can close this file. I am extremely grateful and thank you from the bottom of my heart. A special thank you to those who brought me to you. Good bye
  9. I am quite knowledgeable in computer science, and despite several attempts, I must restart my computer. Previously with FTX Central, I had no problems, and even with ORBX Central v 4.0.13. As soon as I update for the v 4.0.14 and more, I continually have the problem Plus, yes I had a weird problem with lights configurator. It does not want to settle down and gives me the attached error. But I would like to add that going into the configuration of the base pack, it's as if it were there. It is to understand nothing.
  10. Hi! I have no news about my problem. Do I still have to wait because this issue has not been targeted? I just want to let you know that I'm finally downloading all my products as a result of my relocation. And unfortunately, I have more than a hundred times, did the restart of my computer. I just wish I wouldn't have a computer (hardware) problem afterwards.
  11. I'd just like to add that my downloads almost always block 98% and reboot also 98% of what's left. If it helps THANK YOU
  12. I send you the requested file for XPLANE, in addition to an image of my last download where the must restart my computer in order to continue. Note that I have the same problem under P3Dv4 central.txt
  13. In the log subdirector of Central, this folder is empty, and I may look I can not find anything. Do I have to go check while blocking the download? Thank you
  14. Hello, I'm still calling on you. I mentioned that I fixed my problems and reinstalled everything, but I still have an incomprehensible problem. Why don't downloads go all the way? I always have to restart my computer several times to complete these downloads. Is there anyone who can help me with that? Thank you
  15. Sorry, as I'm not skilled in forums, I haven't found my subject, and that's why I risked answering in another. Again, I'm sorry. Now I can no longer provide you with the requested log since I am in full resettlement. To complete all my problems, I do not understand that since ORBX Central 4.0, downloads block by forcing us to close ORBX Central and restart our computer so that we can continue downloads and complete them. Is there a solution to that?
  16. definitely Orbx Central for P3D really doesn't work. As for Orbx Cental for XPLANE, this could work, except that downloads via the direct ORBX server do not work. So I remain convinced that the ORBX server is currently in trouble, since I can't go there for anything.
  17. It's pretty complicated for me. All I know is that it worked very well with ORBX Central 4.0.13 and since the update to 4.0.15 nothing works anymore. I'll wait and start all over again with a new SSD drive.
  18. I have torn to pieces attached, images of my connection for P3D and as I explained before, I connect very well for ORBX Central for XPLANE and not for P3Dv4 which is not on the same disc. And besides it is impossible for me to download anything for my latest XPLANE purchases, in addition to seeing products that are no longer installed and that I can not reinstall.
  19. Starting Monday, I'm going to receive a new 2 Gig SSD to reinstall everything PD3 and ORBX Central. But regarding my drive for XPLANE, I still do not understand: To connect it works but to download it does not work. Even some ORBX add-ons for XPLANE that were already installed are no longer installed and I didn't remove them. I still believe that I no longer have a link with ORBX Direct's servers. So if not a solution, I'll also do the reinstallation of XPLANE's SSD. After these steps, if it still does not work, I will have to resign myself to abandoning ORBX despite my many purchases.
  20. I don't understand it, it's like I don't have any more contact with the ORBX server. I did what you told me and nothing works. I wonder what happens as for example, on XPLANE I had also installed ORBX Librairy and Innsbruck Airport, and they are no longer installed. I can't even download them again. If I delete everything without unintaller ORBX products, will it be possible for me to download everything again, because I really don't know what to doany?????? I had my BIOS updated and reconfigured; would that have caused such a problem??????
  21. Forgive me, I said I have no problem with Orbx Central for XPLANE to connect me, but I'm also unable to download your products.
  22. Hello, After upgrade ORBX Central 4.0.13 to 4.0.15 impossible for me to connect for P3D v4 It's correct for ORBX Central for XPLANE. I Don't know the problem. First first I reinstalled 3 times, and after I changed my password without success, and I don't know what to do anymore because I no longer have access to all my products, and I repeat, I have no problem with ORBX Central for XPLANE Operating system: Windows 10 Simulator: P3D v4 Screenshot: Issue:
  23. If that was clear from the beginning; that's when for you the beginning since it's been a while since I own WA56 Israel's Farm Airport. So if I understand your message correctly I will therefore refrain from buying the enhancement park.
  24. You offer enhancement Pack of TrueEarth Washington with a gift that is WA56 Israel's Farm Airport. What happens if I already own it?
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