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  1. Hi Doug, I have done your recommended steps and now all worked as it should be. Thanks again! Regards Lothar
  2. Hi Doug, thanks for your feedback, I will try it by tomorrow and tell you the result. Regards Lothar
  3. Hello, I moved my Orbx library from a HDD drive to another bigger/faster SSD drive because of low disc space on the HDD. I followed your 'Central User Guide' regarding 'Moving a library io another location' The proces worked and I found all my scenery within the new location (F:\My Orbx Library\p3dv4). But I copy (instead of move) the scenery files from the old location (D:\Temp\Orbx Central V4\Orbx Library\p3dv4) to the new location because of safety reasons. The problem now is the simulator load the scenery farther from the old location. How can I remove the scenery from the old location now wiothout further problems? Thanks for your support. Attached files are: add-ons.cfg from C:\ProgramData\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4 central.log scenery.cfg add-ons.cfg central.log scenery.cfg
  4. <Ok, I assume ENHF will not be updated by Orbx or by developer Finni Hansen. Regrds
  5. The developer can change everything. The real Airport has more than four parking positions. Also static airplanes can be removed. The question is does Orbx or the developer will update the airport for more realistic.
  6. Dear Orbx Team, I own many of Orbx airports and scenerys and with most of them I am satisfied. Now I bought Orbx ENHF Hammerfest also and I'm verry disappointed with this airport. The scenery around the airport seems ok and looks good but the airport itself with only one parking position (parking 3) is not acceptable since the standard scenery has 4 parking positions. Does Orbx work for an update on ENHF so tha the airport gets more then one parking position. Thanks for reply Lothar
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