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  1. Thanks so much. To have Phillip Island race track is huge as I am planning to build my home base in the Melbourne area anyway. Not having Sandown is a bit of a bummer as it means that also the adjacent horse race course isn't displayed. But it is what it is ... Please don't search any longer. That's definitely enough info for now. I could do the search myself once I bought Australia V2. Bathurst could be next on my list.
  2. Thanks you very much Aussie, although this doesn't really answers my question. So if I am reading between your lines, there aren't any racetracks individually created in Australia V2 ? Only the addon "Bathurst" has the Mt.Panorama racetrack included. Is that correct ?
  3. Hello. I'm considering to buy Australia V2 for P3D and would like to know if there are any race tracks included ? Nah, not for horse racing, which is popular in Down Under. I mean the V8's... Tracks such as Sandown, Winton, Symmons Plains, Phillip Island ... I own Germany South and North and pretty much all race tracks are included. Some of them photoreal (Nordschleife) and some of them very basic (Lausitzring). Germany South and North aren't photoscenerys ! Same as Australia V2. Would be great if someone who has Australia V2 installed could do a research. Thanks a lot in advance. P.S.: I know that there is a payware Bathurst scenery which includes the famous Mount Panorama track. But I am only asking for Aus V2.
  4. Thank you Nick. That is what I've assumed. Still a decent scenery demo, even if thats the old one. I like it. I guess that many users tried the demo(s) in the past before buying content. It is nice to have. I also downloaded the PNW demo before I bought it. A while ago I asked for a True Earth demo for P3D and it doesn't look like that we get one soon. Always a guess in the dark if a scenery prerforms well if there is no demo available. Would be great if you could discuss it internally to update the demo part of your content. Even for us P3D users.
  5. Hey guys, I am wondering if the Tasmania demo has ever been updated. As I have downloaded the demo and started a scenic flight, is this Australia V2 what I am seeing or is it the "old" Australia scenery ? thanks for clarifiying Al
  6. I would really appreciate if you, Ed (or anyone of the staff), could give us some news about this topic. Six weeks ago it was promised, that the devs would be asked if it is possible to isolate an area of TE for demo purposes, but since then, we are waiting for any kind of answer regarding this topic. Thanks a lot, Al
  7. Hello Ed, are there already any news from the devs regarding a possible TE Demo for P3D (v 4.5 and 5) ? Obviously it seems to be not that easy and most likely not something that is on top of any to-do-list at the moment. Nevertheless, it definitely holds some people (like me) back from purchasing this kind of content. At this point I would even be happy with ANY kind of demo. Scratch that "dense" area stuff if it causes headaches for the devs. I would be even happy with a demo that at least shows some urban area, some country side, a river, maybe an airport... things like that. Thanks for taking care, Al
  8. Thank you Ed. Let's see if the devs can do something for us P3D (v4.5 and 5) users here.
  9. Sorry to be a pain in the ... well .. ehm ... neck But the issue still exist. I am really interested in buying a TE product. May it be one of the GB sceneries or one of the Cali sceneries. Again, as an example, I tested the PNW demo before finally buying it, because I liked it and the performance on my PC was awesome. And, on the other hand, the Tasmania demo, for making my decision to not buy the Australia scenery. Sorry that I don't want to invest 55 AUD just to realize that London or LA are a dia show OR even not a dia show. How should I know without testing ? System requirements are useful, but every system works differently. So, again, I kindly ask you guys at Orbx to provide a TE Demo which can show all the features as well as performance peaks. A small area with dense scenery would be cool. Maybe London ? Or the Bay area. LA ? Amsterdam ? I don't know... Talking about all platforms but P3Dv4 in particular. That is what I am running. Please let us know if this is possible. Thank you.
  10. I've made a tough decision back in February this year. After 15 years of FS9 I bought a new computer and switched to P3Dv4.5. I knew that MSFS was coming. But I am very happy with my decision. The switch from FS9 to P3D was very easy. The core of this sim is still based on those older sims. I was able to enjoy the new sim within hours. I bought exactly the add-ons that I wanted. Mostly things I had in FS9 as well, but now to a new standard of course. I use the same key commands, controls, can implement real AI Traffic by using all the wonderful FSX and PD3 AI models that are around, can use some nice freeware etc. Would do it all again like this. Btw., only my wallet can stop me to switch over to MSFS ... if I want that finally ... maybe in 4-5 years ...
  11. Being an Orbx Customer for only 6 months now, I am already hooked. Especially your regions are wonderful. So far I haven't bought any True Earth product. And that's mainly because I have some doubts about it: 1. How is the performance on my system using P3Dv4? Especially over a big city like London. 2. Would I be so amazed with the photorealistic display that I can overcome that its only one season ? Normally I love to fly on a snowy winter day and wouldn't really buy a product that doesn't provide seasonal textures. 3. The videos you can find and all the reviews raising even more questions than providing answers. Having tested your NA PNW demo before buying the full product, I think a (small) Demo of TE GB South (for example) would be really really helpful to consider a purchase.
  12. Hello, after the update my airplanes crash right after loading of the scenery. When placed on the runway. No matter if 08 or 26. It has worked perfectly fine before. Verified files at first. Did not worked. Just uninstalled the scenery to re-install it. After the re-intsall I run the config tool to make sure Germany South mode is set again. But same results. Maybe it contributes to the issue mentiones above ?? regards, Al
  13. Bump. Would be great if maybe someone of the staff could answer to this as Graham was so kind to answer back in 2017. But what he suggested was not the solution as it seems. We both, Ariel and I, have a fresh P3D install. No other APX files for that airport, except the P3D default one as Ariel already described above. Have even renamed this file to .bgx, but AI still lands on the grass runway nevertheless. With a tool called "airport creator" I have opened the Orbx LOWI APX file and realized that even Westwinds APX files contain 3 runways for LOWI. For me its not a minor flaw. Realistic AI Traffic is the icing on the cake of every superb airport add-on. Without AI Traffic its lifeless and lacks immersion. If there is an easy solution that I don't see yet, let me know. I am very new to P3D. Have used FS9 for 15 yrs. Although many things are similar to FS9, its very different in some parts. Thanks Al
  14. Hey guys, I just re-activate this topic as it remains "unsolved". Have got the same problem as the OP with AI Traffic landing on the grass runway at Orbx LOWI. When listening to the ATIS it is obvious that there are runways 26R and 26C and 26. Same goes for 08. When landing on the 26 the AI always takes "26R" which is obviously the grass runway. It totally destroys all immersion when an A320 landing on a grass strip. I am using AIFP and have installed several FAIB AI planes and flight plans. But the default traffic is affected in the same way. Have installed P3Dv4 in February on a new computer. Have Orbx LOWI installed. Together with Orbx Germany South and Orbx Global Base. Have set Innbruck to "Germany South" mode. And I have "verifed" the Files of Innbruck and Germany South several times in Orbx Central. Problem still occurs. When landing with my own aircraft everything is fine. I get 08 or 26 for landings. The problem is only existent for AI Traffic. I don't use any payware AI Addon. Are there any suggestions ? Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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