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  1. Only fly P3D v4.5 at present. Have the full Orbx catalogue for same. With the exception of AI Traffic, don't use any other developers/publishers software.
  2. Thanks for that pointer Nick. Was wondering obout reinstalling PNW because of the Wasington overlap. Rebuilding the Sim P3D 4.5 from the ground up.
  3. Hello Neil, long time no see. Glad you are still in the "game". Like Aimee, I have enjoyed your work for many years.
  4. Have all but 3 of the ORBX airports now. Used "BOB" to do a walk around each one over the years. A great way to appreciate the work that has gone into their making. You would be amazed at the fine detail, that otherwise you would never see.
  5. Didn't we just have one in March ?
  6. Go to File tab and select Options. See list of Map Providers on the right hand side. Select different ones until you find one that works. If none work then you could sign up to Mapbox, my preferred option. Tim's Forum is here if you require assistance http://www.tasoftware.co.uk/forum/
  7. When the Horizon series was released (10 units including Eire x2) they we priced at an average of £35 each. That must be at least a decade ago. Would be very surprised if you will be able to purchase the full package, for the price you mention and for two different Sims as well. But hey, nothing wrong with a bit of optimism.
  8. LOL....tell me about it. I have the whole of Western Europe, NZ and the complete lower 48 States. Plus all relevant objects and agn. Last count worked out at 24x2TB HDDs, just for storage in an "unpacked" and "packed" condition. That said....still love my US West Coast LC with all its seasons and sexy little airfields
  9. I bought it but solely for use with the Oculus...stunning experience.
  10. Wouldn't know XP if I fell over it. That said, if the boss says it's P3D, then I am inclined to go with that statement. Pretty sure he will know better than any dissenter. Just my 2cents worth.
  11. I think it is reasonable to assume that payware addons will precede any freeware. Whatever it might be.
  12. Yes, me too, Though more for "planespotting" at large hubs with AI & volume maxed out. Great fun for the odd hour. And a "ditto" from me. Only fly bush and it does all I ask of it, without any problems. Have started to use Aerofly FS2 but solely for the VR experience...early days with Oculus.
  13. Think I am right in saying that ORBX do not create the larger "hub" type of airports. Only smaller airfields. That said, there is a very good 3rd party payware EGCC available. I shall not give more information than that here, as it would be inappropriate. Google is your friend.
  14. Can't really remember Ron, I started using it in 1998. Not sure I was buying anything online before that.
  15. Many thanks for the news update John. Lifted my spirits, somewhat, that normal service could be resumed at some point.
  16. Bet you are a happy Bunny now Ron. That damned chimney has been moved
  17. Like yourself, Nirgal76. I am a regular Paypal user. Never been up for giving a stream of CC numbers out at various sites. End of Days for me it seems....ah well, C'est La Vie.
  18. Purchase via Paypal is available and has been both before the changeover & since FTC3. EDIT:- oopps!! Just seen the announcement see what you mean.....my bad.
  19. A collection of Football Stadiums for England, suitable for FSX were available....about 5 or 6 years back. Have no idea if it works with ORBX. But a Google search should bring them up. Don't want to upset JV, so not giving you the link. 24 Stadiums, 63mb download. That's enough info or I will be getting benched.
  20. Not a fan of placing the Sim onto the Systen drive, myself. Nor of using Symbolic Links. Perhaps uninstall and reinstall to your other drive. Think you will find the effort worthwhile and performance slightly better.
  21. .....to all those that have worked on the new Central & Direct Store system. Bit the bullet and initiated the upgrade plus did the deed with licence transfer. All ran as smooth as silk. Machine running now and catching up on a number of product updates. Some very clever folk behind the scenes here. So a very big thank you from me.
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