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  1. Unfortunately not. It’s driving me nuts as well. No matter what I try nothing seams to work. I’m literally thinking the only thing I can do is a fresh install which as you say just seam unnecessary. I wouldn’t mind doing this but I want to know the cause to try and prevent it
  2. What is strange, it shows up in parts but not all over. My test have been performed at Manchester and the city is fine but everywhere else isn’t showing it’s really weird. It’s like there is something blocking it
  3. Yes a dramatic difference, I only have road lights, the rest are not showing. I’ve tried many things to the point I’m thinking of doing a fresh install. I’m wondering if tomato and reshade are the cluprits? I don’t ind doing a fresh install but not knowing what caused it makes me nervous about it reappearing. Do you think these things could of screwed it up? Let me know
  4. Can you support me with this or shall I just do a fresh install?
  5. I’ve deleted, tomato shade and restored the folders. I have also deleted 5e shader folders and reinstalled the Clint with out any luck. Have I missed I potential solution?
  6. Thank you for your help, I have global, Europe LC, vector, trees, Dubrovnik, Bilbao, global airport pack light configurator. I’ve tried all sort with no luck. I don’t understand what could of caused this issue. The only thing I can think to do is a fresh install which I really don’t want to do nor have time to do
  7. I have this really annoying issue with my night lighting. I can get road lights but nothing else. I’ve reinstalled all orbx products, I’ve deleted tomato shade I’ve reinstalled client I’ve deleted shader folders I’ve played with setting and now I’m playing with graphics drivers. I’m still no further forward. Does anyone have and ideas, advice? ive been trying to solve this issues for days now and I can’t seam to get it sorted. Id be highly grateful for some support
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