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  1. Hi Ed, Just downloaded from my Orbx central account. I can confirm this has worked fine and I can finely see my airport back again. Thats Awesome and I Thank you very much for your help.
  2. OK thanks, I suppose the only thing I could see that might be wrong is not having all the files based on the install size and if so could be a Microsoft issue and that's while I wasn't ruling them out. The only I will know that is from another member of public that has downloaded London city from market and confirms that same download size.
  3. ADDITIONAL TROUBLESHOOTING Unfortunately, we are unable to assist further with content not developed by Asobo Studio. If the steps above did not solve the issue, please contact the developer to report this issue and request further assistance directly. Third-party developers are responsible for their own content, including: · Question about the content/feature · Documentation · Issues with the content (missing feature, bug, feedback, etc...) · Compatibility issues between the content and the base game on PC and Xbox Series X|S* · Wishlist item REFUNDS Marketplace purchases are not refundable. For more information, see: Refund & Cancellations Let me know Nick if you require any further information so I can resolve this on going issue. I do appreciate your help. On another note, I'm quite exited about your next Auckland Landmarks scenery. Thanks Colin
  4. Hi Nick, see attached photo for folder structure. I received a reply from Microsoft which is just what I expected. Absolutely no help. i told them the issue and said I had already tried deleting cache & contents etc. See below. It really makes me wonder if im talking to a robot when you ask for help. You just get some automated response. If you're having issues with 3rd party content purchased on the Marketplace, please do the following TROUBLESHOOTING 1. Delete the rolling cache. · Launch Microsoft Flight Simulator · Go to Options > General · Go to Data · Scroll to the bottom and go to Delete Rolling Cache File. Select Delete · Confirm your choice by selecting OK 2. Delete the Content.xml file. Depending on your platform, this file is located here:
  5. Hi John, The original london city 1.1 version from Market place does show the airport if you put it in community folder although the default location downloads it to the onestore folder. However the 1.1 version is no good to me because is causes the load screen to hang and this is why I need version 1.2. Its interesting that 1.1 version makes a 3.46GB folder but the 1.2 version makes 2.65GB. If I try to compare the two download versions I did notice in version 1.1 scenery folder there is a Bgl.fsarchive file which is 115mb but it doesnt have this file in new version. I dont know if this helps. There are too many other files for me to cross check any other variations. Is it posible that the files are getting checked by some anti virus program as it downloads to my pc from market place and so deletes some files ? Sorry, Im just brainstorming.
  6. Hello, As stated in my original post. Nothing in community folder, Cache deleted, content file deleted, scenery index deleted. I do have some other payware airports and they all display fine if loaded. This is why I was questioning with you if version 1.2 was a smaller install and I was trying to query with you if the 2.65gb was correct size and Microsoft isn't missing anything on there system. I've logged a ticket with them in case but not going to hold out much luck in a reply. As it says installed I'm hoping you can help. Thx Colin
  7. Hi Nick, Ive been away for a few days and now in the position to re-download. Ive re downloaded what appeared to say a 7gb download on market place. I was checking it every now and then any it seemed to download ok. The product says its installed however again it isn't showing the new scenery once I load into that airport. I understand the reasons why you feel its not your responsibly for download issues from marketplace. However, according to the marketplace it has installed, I supply the screenshots of my market place install and confirmation of the folder in the program. So if it says its installed correctly then surely you can offer support why its not showing up when I fly from there. Thanks Colin
  8. Ive just looked on market place and I can see its now a 7gb + download which seems different to what I saw yesterday so maybe something there end has changed. Unfortunately Im not in a position to re-download at the moment. I will try in few days and retest. Hopefully it will work.
  9. Did you try uninstalling and reinstalling the airport at all, sometimes Xbox Live can be a bit lets just say less than reliable Im on a pc and not Xbox. I will however try to re-download.
  10. Hi Nick, I have already been trying to get help from microsoft. They are unable to provide assistance on a product made by yourselves. And so the poor consumer gets ping ponged back and forth with no support from either if purchased from MP. This is the one and only airport I have purchased from market place and will not be using it again especially based on your feedback. I had at least hoped you could steer me in the right direction, like confirm the size of version 1.2 once its in the correct directory in MSFS. thanks (i think) Cosy
  11. hello, Today I noticed Market place finely update to version 1.2 Excited by the prospect that i would be able to use the airport after SU5 issues I downloaded new version. However I found the scenery wasn't showing up at all, just the default. I have deleted rolling cache, .dat files & content.xml file after reading forum to try this prior to asking for help. There is nothing in my community folder just in case. I did notice that the London city airport on market place is now 2.65gb. This shows as downloaded and no updates required. The original download version 1.1 was over 3gb. Is there any reason to believe the market place hasnt put out the whole download or has version 1.2 been reduced in size. Any idea why this scenery isnt showing at all when I load the airport. Thanks Cosy
  12. Hi, just minor bug I've noticed. Castle has building through it as per photo.
  13. Yes john I've noticed a big increase in pauses although not noticed it specific to Cardiff. I rebuilt windows with fresh xplane install couple of months ago and noticed a good benefit to frame. I've just seem a comment on instructions to delete xplane pref files to increase fps which is an interesting read. However these pauses well a lot less noticeable at least for me prior to sp1. Sounds like orbx maybe looking into ways of increasing performance.
  14. Hi, I don't think it's just mac users as a number of window users have reported drops in frame rates. I have a gtx1080 card and noticed 4-5fps reduction. I can still fly happily but noticed particularly in VR the egg timer comes up one every few minutes. Seems like my system is having to think harder about the extra detail that has been added. I note the developers state there shouldn't be any loss of frames. Love the update though and visuals are the best I've seen. I did once get a crash to desktop when timer came on so a little concerned.
  15. Thanks Dave, I have just installed the lua script. I have always found if I use the ASW force 30fps it makes things worse and reduces my frames by another 5fps. My best settings is when I disable ASW. I already do this within the oculus tools setup but I guess by having the script it saves my settings so thats a plus. I should maybe point out I use zibo 737 and FFA320 which is a particular frame hogger but with these Im getting around 24fps in VR over London. I think we just have to put up with as you say 'more Data the more our PC's struggle'. Maybe ORBX can do a little more optimizing.
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