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  1. Cracking shot! Hyde Park clearly visible at top left - my mission tonight (until TEGB South refused to load) was to try to land my new amphibious Icon A5 plane on the Serpentine... Chris
  2. Wow! Thought you must have manipulated the images from colour to B&W - until I saw the ship! Chris
  3. Scary looking cloud formations there! Chris
  4. Love that last shot - so different and imaginative. Clever contrast of rotors of the helicopter and those of the windfarm. As ever the colours in your shots are awe-inspiring! Chris
  5. Loved the perspective of the last shot - where is it? Chris
  6. Struggling with my laptop, but just made my first amphibious landing/beaching on Thurso beach after circling Scrabster harbour. This looks lie a fun plane to explore the lochs of Scotland with. Managed to get TEGB North working again, but run totally out of RAM when trying to start Central or South - Grrh - because they ran in the past!
  7. Sincere thanks to all who sent such positive replies to my first images. I look in awe at what others are posting with more powerful hardware! Yes, I am very pleased to have got XP11 with Orbx TEGB running on a laptop without a state-of-the-art graphics card. All a matter of tinkering with settings - am loathe to touch any sliders again now I've got a workable compromise ie low 30s FPS - enough to be able to control a plane and get a rewarding visual experience too. I now own TEGB South and Central and look forward to sharing images of future flights over this large area. Regards Chris
  8. Hmm - you were the inspiration for this act of stupidity - that I just about got away with! Many thanks! Chris
  9. I must forward my image of the newish Mersey Gateway bridge and this post to my sister to wind her up. Her family flew back from Split to Liverpool last summer and used the bridge late at night, didn't pay the toll, and ended up with a hefty fine! Cheers Chris
  10. Orbx sent me my one and only Valentine's message! Offered me a discount on TEGB Central - the love is mutual so had go for it before offer expired - took all night to download... Pushing my luck to get all this gorgeous scenery running on a laptap! Hey ho - fired it up anyway - fully expecting it to crash and all end in tears (the software that is, my plane always does!) Hmm - took off from Liverpool and headed towards Warrington (where I worked on the railway for several years) via the Runcorn bridges over the Mersey. Against all expectations, albeit with lowish graphic settings, I managed to get airbourne and smile at recognisable landmarks - and the temptation was too much - had to try to get under some of them too! My previous post didn't work properly, so let's see if this one does with the helpful advice I received. Made it under the old Runcorn Bridge - although I think there is photographic evidence that I skimmed the water. Wimped out on clearing the newer Mersey Gateway crossing. Hope these work this time! Chris
  11. Sorry for the delay in replying. Sincere thanks to all for the positive response to my first attempt at posting some images. Always nice to join a forum that is friendly and helpful from the outset! With the great advice given, I'm pretty sure I know how to post images properly after my next flight. Cheers Chris PS Look's like I'm going to have to raid my piggy bank to get TE Central and North for GB now. Just need to check that my weedy laptop has enough space left!
  12. Seems I'm halfway there - but only got links to my images rather than importing them into my post.. Will try again tomorrow - is late now!
  13. I'm not sure what was harder - getting an XP11 plane into the skies with a laptop or trying to share my images for the first time! https://imgur.com/6hbieMe https://imgur.com/sT5DVAi https://imgur.com/MN3Pvkw Steep learning curve. If this works, I will try to ensure future posts don't have my FPS window or Pause status in them. Am in awe of the images people are sharing with high-end PC set-ups. If this post works, I am happy with what is possible on a basic laptop if you take the time to tweak the settings! Test flight over area I live - a land of warehouses! Chris
  14. Shot 3 (Interesting rock formation´╗┐s) is Eglwseg Rocks just to the north of Llangollen. My father was once vicar there and I lived there for a couple of years. There was a story that the Luftwaffe mistakenly bombed these rocks on an intended raid on Liverpool. I can find nothing on the internet to corroborate this! Shot 4 (Pontcysyllte Aqueduct) Became UNESCO World Heritage Site listed in 2009. Very impressive to cross the Dee Valley in a narrowboat! Shot 2 - no that is not Battersea Power station relocated from London to Flinthshire - "pigs might fly"! Chris
  15. I seem to have broken my XP11 installation recently - so can't post any screenshots of my own yet! Until such time as I can get my hardware/software issues sorted, I am happy to see the amazing images posted on this forum that I have only just discovered. This is my first post. I just had to sign up to compliment Jean Marc: Beautiful artwork with great narration and a history that was new to me. Superb work and can't wait for the next episode. Hopefully I can soon resolve my issues and get airborne again and post an image of my own - not going to be in this league though! Chris
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