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  1. The only other airfield I have close are either Orbx or FB NZAA no addon mesh or anything. gonna retry the flight I had a little mess about with scenery library order.
  2. I use an addon manager to make them not haphazard. I have vector yes but for v5 it doesn't do anything to airport elevations. I'm gonna try a flight again later.
  3. I add all scenery to a library and its added via addon.xml I noticed all the stub's are below the default scenery files just above the default terrain and scenery entry's at the very bottom of the scenery library. I have moved them up to see if this will fix it. its strange as this is where Orbx placed them not me. yours looks like they install into the sim folder rather than the library outside the sim. and yours are definitely higher in priority.
  4. Yes your right it looks greener but whats actually happening to cause that is more complex than saying its green. The GP and terrain is not loading correctly the greening is not greening its the fact that I'm seeing the base image rather than the runway and taxiway surface texture. So yes its greening but thats just the effect not cause.
  5. No problem at all at this point im open to trying anything.
  6. Yes NI is below NZGS. My flights have been from NZWN in the PMDG 738. I use vsync so limits to the Monitor 60FPS
  7. My setting is that helps. 5950X 3090 running vsync at 60FPS
  8. This is what I see if I load at NZGS or if on arrival I reload the scenery library to force a scenery reload To me the issue is quite clear:
  9. Clean install of NI and NZGS. This is what I see when I fly to NZGS from another location No surfaces loading and some strange lumpy terrain and raised taxiway and runway:
  10. Have done will test in a bit. Its fine if i load there but if i have flown from somewhere else thats when it happens. Those pics are with you loading at NZGS I take it? Like I said ill try again tonight now i did fresh install. I can also offer video of it on every flight I done I stream.
  11. you keep saying "greening" and all that is doing is dismissing what I'm saying please look closely at the picture, the photo texture under the runway is showing and if you also look the taxiway surface is doing the same. It is the same issue where the texture for the surface is not loading the Ground poly. Yes I have tried a full uninstall and reinstall of the airport and NI. you will also see the taxiway is raised above the terrain around it too. If your not the developer who made this how can you assume you know what's wrong? @Finni HansenI assume your the developer, can you help?
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