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  1. Hello, I am having an issue with the elevation of the autogen in contrast to the actual ground itself. This occurs just about to the north of EGGP. I will upload a screenshot but with some houses I see the whole house, and with others, just the rooftop and the chimney. If anyone has any ideas be sure to let me know. Thank you David
  2. Hi Nick, thank you! sorted now, im having one other problem but im not 100% sure if its Orbx related. at MKStudios Dublin I am seeing ground textures like this on the tarmac at the airport. Is this possible related to Orbx ?
  3. Hello, I have recently been experiencing problems with my Orbx ground textures whereby some of my textures during the day display as night textures in random areas. I mainly fly in Ireland and England and the problems have been evident in each of these countries. I have tried replacing the lclookup.bgl file by deleting it and running verify files on Orbx libraries. This problem began around the time when i starting using Orbx central as oppose to FTX central. I have also tried reinstalling all of my Orbx products, listed below. I have only seen this issue in Ireland and England. My products: Global Vector Libraries Open LC EU Open LC NA FTX Ireland FTX England The following image is the area surrounding Cork Airport (EICK). If anyone has any ideas or solutions i would greatly appreciate it. Thanks David
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