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  1. Hi Nick, I made the calculations and it was only 10% discount if I purchased the whole bundle and not the 40%! See also on the last image under what I have ringed: Normal price ($209.60 AUD) and bundled price ($188.16 AUD). I also made the calculations by looking at the prices of each product separately. Kind regards,
  2. Hi Nick, Thanks for getting back to me on this. Well I got a mail last week announcing the series "Best of" products with a discount of 40%. I went on the Orbx website and found the following (see attached screenshots). Basically confirming the 40% discount, but when I clicked on the product "TE GB Central and GB North Region" I got the third image and saw that the purchase of the bundle only gave me 10% discount. Can you verify this with sales that this is correct? If indeed this is the pricing then I'm inclined to think that the mail I got and also the info on the website is rather misleading. Kind regards,
  3. Hi How can I contact sales department of Orbx please? I have some questions on the pricing. Kind regards,
  4. Hi, I've just updated TE GB South in Xplane 11 to the new version 1.2.0. In the control panel the option for road textures does not seem to work. I selected "Transparent road textures" and then clicked on save changes button. I exit Orbx Central. When I go back into Orbx Central and select the control panel for TE GB South, I no longer see that the option is selected. In Xplane, the ugly default roads are still in sight. This was not the case in the previous version before this update. Has anyone else experienced this? Update: Found the solution in the following post : A big thank you to @John Mac! Kind regards and stay safe!
  5. Hi Nick, Thanks for confirming! I was a bit worried that there was something wrong with my configuration, but this does not seem to be the case and I'm therefore assured. The reason I was thinking something was wrong was because I was comparing Hammersmith bridge with the one in Orbx EU package, which I also have. I seem to recall that Hammersmith bridge that was modelled in that product looked more like the original one in the city, than the one in TE GB South (XP). Anyway no worries and once again thanks for confirming! Kind regards,
  6. Hi Horace, Have you tried moving your temp download location in FTX Central to another drive with more available space (see image attached)? Kind regards,
  7. Hi, As advised, I disabled OpenSceneryX and simHeaven add-ons (see attachment) but there is no change. Here is what I see from the air when looking at Hammersmith Bridge. Can anyone confirm that this is the same image that they get in XP11 - TE GB South? Thanks! Kind regards, scenery_packs.ini
  8. Hi John, Thanks for your reply. I noticed this a couple of days ago and this was before I had installed the SimHaven addons. SimHaven addons were only installed yesterday. Kind regards,
  9. Hi, Do you mean deactivating the "SCENERY_PACK Custom Scenery/Orbx_C_GB_South_TrueEarth_Orthos/" layer? Kind regards,
  10. Hi, Just for your information. In the forums at Prepar3D there are hints that it's due to the new autogen buildings. There are suggestions to lower the autogen settings and see if that helps on the frame rates in 4.5. Kind regards,
  11. Hi, I've just installed TE GB South in XP11. Indeed a wonderful product! I do howerver have a question. I see all the major landmarks over London, but on the River Thames, the bridges seems to be standard bridges and not the original ones found in the city. Tower bridge is showing up correctly. For example I believe that Chiswick bridge amongst others is not showing up correctly. Am I the only one seeing this? To be complete, I'm attaching my scenery_packs.ini file. Kind regards, scenery_packs.ini
  12. Hi @Stillwater & @oldboy43, I too use Acronis as backup. You can use "Manage permissions list" option to set Acronis Active Protection to allow your software to start. Kind regards,
  13. Hi, I believe it's only the "shed model" that needs to be de-selected for the loading time. You can leave "grenhouses" and "lighthouses" selected without any problems. Kind regards,
  14. Hi, Discovered another small artifact in TrueEarth Netherlands HD in P3Dv4. This time in Rotterdam. There is moving traffic under the bridge in the water. Kind regards,
  15. Hi, I have just installed TrueEarth Netherlands HD in P3Dv4 and made a flight north of Antwerp. In the area south of EHWO airbase and north of EBHN airfield I noticed that part of the motorway A4 (Holland)/A12 (Belgium) is missing. Please find a image of this attached where I marked the visible parts of the motorway in red and the missing part in yellow. I believe this is where the TrueEarth scenery starts/end and joins with the Global Vector scenery. I do see AI road traffic traveling along part of the yellow line. Kind regards,
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