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  1. Look forward to seeing you Ron. Maybe we can meet at KSBA when arrives shortly. Bruce
  2. I have been successful with Orbx Central which as of this moment is at v4.0.4. I have purchased and installed products for both P3dv4 and X-Plane 11 without issue. There have been no new releases for AeroFly FS2 so I cannot comment on this at this time.
  3. Thanks for posting this pasterke, I clearly missed it. Well this is discouraging news as I really feel it was beneficial to those of us who have already spent thousands of dollars on airports for the other platforms. I guess it was good while it lasted. I am curious as to what percentage of ORBX users own every product for every platform. In the end, all of this software is still much cheaper than the last annual I had on my airplane LOL! Bruce
  4. I own 2W3 Swanson Airport for P3Dv4. I selected it for X-Plane and it is not offering a cross platform discount during checkout. I sent a ticket in requesting clarification and Richard replied back stating this discount is no longer bring offered. I also own LOWI for Aerofly. Contradictory to my help ticket reply, there is still a cross platform discount available for this product when purchasing for X-Plane. I, like many others, own every product on every platform. I am able to do this in part due to the cross platform discounting. For official clarification, are you discontinuing cross platform discounts. Bruce
  5. I didn't get any messages regarding my current V1 installation. I downloaded V2 and installed it. Then I noticed I needed to update my LIBs. other than that, no messages. Do we or do we not uninstall V1?
  6. It would be nice to have a built in ORBX map type flight planner with payware and freeware being highlighted in separate colors. Possibly even include the included sim airports as well....
  7. Application sent. I have nothing to buy as I own every product for P3D, X Plane and Aerofly. Wonderful idea mate. cheers/Bruce
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