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  1. Well a new bigger SSD fixed it, pity the installer program did not warn me. Scenery is great, good job from the curators and well worth the time to install. Pity the (lidar I guess) data used as a reference cannot distinguish between water towers and tower blocks!
  2. BTW the installer was on another drive. Will pull out IDA pro and see what is really going on. Horace.
  3. How about making things simple for customers and putting that logic in the installer? My time is valuable to me, and hopefully Orbx as well. Horace Rumpole.
  4. Yes is installed, thanks For the record I have 132G free disk space, does your install process maybe need more that it says on the tin? Will try once more tomorrow Horace
  5. See the attached error, my Xplane 11 is now broken. Have reinstalled 3 times and now have a sense of humour failure. If not easily fiexed can I please have a refund. Thank you.
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