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  1. Yup, it's been a problem ever since the TE Washington update from a couple months ago. Looked great before that and it's a shame because it kinda ruins the Anacortes experience, one of the nicest Orbx airports
  2. "They are great shots, but they still look a bit too brown on the green fields area just like the one in Stockton area. Did ORBX make any color correction on those green fields area?" I believe Iain is using Xvision for these shots and it's likely there are some shader tweaks at play, so it may be hard to say.
  3. sorry to hear Dario, hope you get is fixed soon and you are back in the skies!!
  4. UWXP doesn't disguise it well enough in my case. I sure hope it can be fixed soon. It really kills the immersion in that area.... It's weird because it looked fine and great until the update.
  5. Fantastic, I always love your choice of aircraft!
  6. Really great Iain, I flew this field yesterday, super!!
  7. Thanks Jack, I am often amazed at how different and dynamic the weather effects can be... this was just default XP real world weather too.
  8. Foggy and rainy but the sun is coming up... Cheers all!
  9. perfect my friend. those colors, wow. real!
  10. Have you installed any airport enhancement add ons...like ALES? Anything that could have changed XP default textures?
  11. It's likely that someone will be FS2020
  12. Jack this may be a longshot, and this is a while ago now, but I had very annoying CTD's start happening on me. I couldn't fly XP without it crashing. Then I stumbled upon an old posting by an XP developer, one of the main dudes, who said that XP should NOT be installed in the default Programs Files or Program Files x86 folder on your drive. He recommended installing it in your desktop folder. This worked! Since then I have installed another version of XP 11.35. It is not on my desktop but I have it in it's own folder on my C drive. Both versions work fine now. Sorry for your problems. I know how frustrating it can be.
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