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  1. Hello Nick. No it doesn't. I stopped it and restasrted it and it was almost done (2 gBytes remaining) and then completed. I started the download of Florida TrueEarth and it seems to be almost OK. I'm saying almost OK because ounce in a while I get the message "Connection Interrupted...". The speed is always around the maximum I can get from my Internet provider ( 4mBytes per sec). Thank you.
  2. I forgot to mention that i'm downloading at around 4 mBytes/sec. Since the package of Washington is around 44 gBytes, normally it should take between 3 or 4 hours to complete the download. Thank you for your time.
  3. I just bought (friday 27th) TrueEarth sceneries. Washington, Oregon and Florida. I started the installation of Washington on friday but I had to stop after a while. I had to leave for the weekend. I restarted it Sunday night ( had already 18 gB downloaded) and now it's been almost 12 hours that I started it and it's not complete yet. Always staying at "Connection interrupted. Retrying". I still have Oregon and Florida to install. Does someone know if there is a problem with the server ?
  4. Hello ! I just bought ENNO for FSX and I'm unable to install VIA Orbx central. I don't understand why it's doing that. Orbx central is setup correctly. Is there someone who went thrue this situation ? Enlightment would be very appreciated. Thank you !
  5. OK. I'll check the end of the your discount. Thank you for the info !
  6. How come prices of Britain True Earth (north, central ans south) has doubled since last year. I want to buy Britain north and central but will wait for a 50% discount if it ever happens.
  7. I have the same problem. Every scenery more than 1 gB (even 300 mB) displays very very very frequently "connection interruppted". It displays connection interrupted every 20 seconds. I have a 30 mBits /sec connection with my provider and the connection is OK for everything else. Now I'm triying to update TrueEarth Great Britain South, which is 41.2 gB. Really painful. Can someone do something to solve this ever lasting issue. Thank you.
  8. Hi Nick ! I must admit that I didn't read the user guide but I downloaded few updates after switching to ORBXCentral and it downloaded only the update part of the region. This is logic. But that I would find a little bit time consuming to manage when reinstalling. Can you tell me if ORBXCentral will be able to reinstall sceneries from a previous file downloaded with FTXCentral 3 ? I wouldn't want to redonwload again all these sceneries because I'm using ORBXCentral. Thank you
  9. Thank you for this clarification. Actually I'm using FTXCentral 3 because it gives me the opportunity to download the zip files of the sceneries on my PC. That I consider very useful if I have to reinstall. I tried ORBXCentral and I didn't find this feature. If I reinstall I just have to extract the files (VIA FTXCentral 3), which is more faster than waiting for a download to complete. Thank you again. It's appreciated.
  10. Wow ! Thank you for that great suuport ! I guess after spending $1600 of sceneries this is the kind of support we (the customers) deserve.
  11. I reinstalled again Canberra cityscape and now the control panel button is no more available (greyed). I think this is normal if I compare to GoldCoast cityscene which has no control button available (greyed). Can you tell if there is an available control panel button for Canberra scenery. Thank you for your time.
  12. Hi ! Maybe the description of the issue wasn't clear. Sorry for that. The problem is about the control panel button of Canberra cityscape scenery. All others sceneries control button are working correctly except only for the Canberra cityscape scenery. May be a look from you or a developper in the log file that I attached (as they suggest in the error message) could lead to a precise solution. Thank you
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