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  1. Guys, give some time to Orbx do their thing and update their software. SODE 1.7.0 has JUST been released.
  2. Hi! Just bought Open LC Europe and upon install this happens: Clicking "oK" after that, MANY similar error messages saying that OLC_EU_LM_D_20 .... 21 ... 22, etc are missing. After that FTX Central FREEZES in the screen below and nothing more happens: What happened and what to do to correct this? I have LC NA and SA, Global, Vector, etc... and this error never happened before, Any help? Thanks.
  3. Thanks my friend! Will do that! Edit: Thank you! It´s corrected now.
  4. Hi! After South America Land Class install, i started to have this: Image taken in a default area (P3Dv4) Is anybody else seen this? Yes, i know that there is no direct relation between what the LC package do and the wave effect but that´s what happened and i don´t know the reason why. So, my questions: - Does SA LC package changes anything with wave effects? That´s possible because LC package deals with shorelines. - Can someone identify what´s the name of the wave effect file and folder? I´m trying to get a fresh one to see if i´m correct. Thanks in advance!
  5. I have p3dv4 without any scenery for Rio (Only Global/Vector/SA LC), and it looks like the same of your screens. I already tried with Default/Orbx SA mesh/Freemeshx different configs, using 5m and 1m resolution and it allways like this. Also, Sugar Loaf looks like a little rock and not the big one as real.
  6. I´d like to express my gratitude to the entire Orbx team involved with the SA Land Class project. Simply phenomenal work. Just fantastic. I believe that many simulators guys in the region are overly satisfied with new regions to be explored. We all be very happy to return flying through these skies of South America. Thank you !!! (I mean it)
  7. Patrick, nice screens! Any particular instruction to get Tongass working with ORBX + P3Dv4? Thanks!
  8. Thanks! this topic can be closed by the staff now
  9. BINGO! In SABE the jetways only work with "Extremely dense" in scenery complexity. With "Very dense" they do not show. I think the afcad can be edited to show them with "Very dense", can´t it be? Thanks for your help!
  10. Mr. Larry, if you can help me, only a question: what value do you use in "Scenery complexity"? I´m using "Very dense" now. Do you recomend "Extremely dense" to make the jetways appear? Thanks!
  11. Thanks for the info Mr. Larry! I will try a new reinstall to see what happens. About the airport ground equipaments, im using REX WorldWide Airports HD. It changes mostly default airports textures but i checked other airports and the jetways are there. But i will try the reinstall process.
  12. Hi, thanks for your feedback! Yes, i have jetways in other (default) airports. For example, the nearby DEFAULT SAEZ: Even the Simple Airport Scanner is telling me that i have only one SABE afcad: Is there any particular file that i should search in my system?
  13. Hi friends! I updated my Norht & South America freeware package, and i saw that SABE in Argentina is in the package. Went there to see how the airport looks now and i got this: Can someone help me to identify why the airport fingers are missing? And if the other buldings are ok? I have already did this: - Searched for other SABE AFCADS (There was none active. I use MyTraffic but already disabled SAME afcad there) - Already used the Vector Tool to eliminate any issues in this way Any hints to make this fingers appear? Thanks!
  14. I preview 43 days to install all my ftx addons If the restriction goes for FSX AND P3D installs, double this number. (In middle February 2017 i think i´ll have everything installed)
  15. For already installed FTX addons is that a way to create the backup files? (ALREADY INSTALLED ... Not downloading) Thanks!
  16. Orbx Libraries don´t have a control panel or can´t be uninstalled. If you select a payware airport this options will be available.
  17. Hi! For some reason the "Apply Region" was not "applied", you can see in the video. (Even that i checked that before during instalation process). I didn´t pay attention to that, because this step was done before. I started windows again, checked "Apply Region" once more and after that, i did the process described above. This time it worked, although i´m not sure why. The issue looks like created by the "Apply Region" not staying activated and not by the migration process itself. Anyway, job done. Continuing the loooong install process
  18. Here is a video that describes better the issue above: (Maximize to see it better) Please Orbx STAFF, help. I´m clueless in what to do next.
  19. Hi! I was told before that just one order number was needed to get support (Even if i have multiple FTX products). And that´s below my picture. But anyway, here it is: FTX Global FSS order: #FSS0226213 FTX Vector FSS order: #FSS0322398 Thanks.
  20. Hi! I just had to reinstall all my FSX and P3D instalations due a failure with Windows Birthday Service Pack. Anyway, i´m facing trouble now with the "migration" process as follows: - After a complete fresh install of Orbx Global, i ran the Troubleshooting app to look if i was missing any files. That's the result: - Opening the resulting TXT file, i saw this: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/48120593/migration_missing.txt - I came back to OrbX Central -> Troubleshooting -> Force new migration process. And there is the issue. FTX Central just closes and reopen but did NOTHING ELSE. No corrections, nothing. Just close and reopen itself. - If i run Troubleshooting app again, the missing files are still there. As allways.This happens THE SAME with my FSX-SE instalation and P3D 3.3.5 instalation. FTX Central version: 2.1.6060.39190 Orbxlibs version: 160708 My system: Windows 10 64 Pro. 2xGTX 980 SLI, I7 4960X, 32Gb ram FSX-SE and P3D instalation folders in it´s own exclusive partitions. D:/ and E:/ Please, any help from the staff is most welcome. Please, let me know if it´s necessary to open a support ticket about this. Thanks in advance.
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