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  1. Hi all, Hope everyone's doing well. As a follow-up to the take-off video I posted last week, here's a video of landing footage at Gold Coast International Airport. I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I think you will... (Excuse any issues with low quality... the video was uploaded at 1440p but it will take a few minutes for YouTube to process it up to that resolution. Check back if you're only getting 240 or 360p as an option) Regards, Chad
  2. Thanks for the kind words everyone! I should be able to post the landing in a few days' time. Cheers
  3. Hope you guys enjoy the real-life footage. The resemblance to the Orbx scenery is pretty staggering! I have footage of landing at YBCG also. Preferences on whether or not parts of it should be time-lapsed, similar to this video?
  4. Australia V2 is scheduled for release in a few months. Checkout the thread I made about it.
  5. Amazing! Thanks for all of the work you've put in over the past few years to make this possible. Personally, I cannot wait until this makes it to Brisbane International
  6. Hahahaha, I’m sure the information given likely narrows down the options quite significantly...
  7. Thanks for the feedback Frank, I’ll keep it in mind for next time. I’ll try and capture some daytime footage anyway, so it should come out better in the recording.
  8. Thank you! What I've noticed is that the 787 is an extremely slippery aircraft and demands plenty of descent planning well in advance. The thing just doesn't slow down!
  9. https://youtu.be/ri-YHpa4Nac Make sure to watch in "4K" for the best-looking video if your internet can handle it, otherwise it looks a little grainy . So, how does this compare to the good ol' QualityWings 787 + Orbx YBBN combo. In my opinion it stacks up great (framerate looks a little better in real life ) The Gateway Motorway Bridge is such a prominent landmark when on approach, isn't it? Hope everyone enjoys it. Cheers, Chad
  10. Does this mean Australia V2 may have PBR? I understand it's unlikely, but it would be interesting.
  11. It very well should be! It has been a long time since Australia V1 was developed, and I agree, I think we are in for a treat for the greatest continent on the planet! (In my honest opinion )
  12. Hawaii is already reasonably covered by FSDreamteam's Honolulu airport pack and Hawaiian airport packs 1 and 2. Chad
  13. Thank you so much! That's just what I was looking for.
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