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  1. So this topic is 'answered'. I'm confused, is there a solution to the blurry ground textures at LOWI or are we waiting for a fix from Orbx? I tried the scenery layering option above but no fix for me.
  2. That's a shame. Although there is a work around which involves downloading Geotiffs of the tile and then inserting them in WED. You can then place the Orbx mesh below the airport scenery.
  3. Hi there, Are there any patches available to use both LFLJ and Ortho4xp together? I've searched through every forum and have not found anything to these two work! There's an old patch released in 2016 but this seems to be for default scenery. Any help would be great! Thanks.
  4. Hi there, I have Orbx LOWI for Aerofly Fs2 which I purchased through Steam. I'm wanting to purchase the same airport for P3D but do not get the cross platform discount on your store because I purchased the Aerofly Version from Steam Is there any way of getting this discount?. My transaction ID is 2336656836422031253 Thanks.
  5. I believe Orbx True Earth is flattening our runways with it's own custom mesh. Before I installed TE I was using Ortho4xp with the custom England mesh and was able to get curved runways and sometimes even with Ortho4xp's own built in mesh. This is one of the best features of X Plane 11, I'd be reluctant to buy any more TE scenery if this was disabled. Will there be any fix for this in the future?
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