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  1. Terrific! Truly outstanding work here! @John Venema Please let me know in case you need a beta tester running Linux. I did encounter various minor Linux-related problems with your products thus far (mostly related to case sensitivity) but also some bigger problems. E.g. I needed a Windows system to actually open the cross platform file for TEGB Central, which is totally odd. Anyway, congrats to the whole team!
  2. Hello everyone, I am currently downloading Central and getting myself prepared for the conversion process. That said, I can't download the conversion script for macOS which is available on the announcement page here (Error code: 2C171/1): Can anyone help me with that? Thanks
  3. Thanks for the quick reply JV. Don't forget about the cross platform installer though for us Linux and Mac users! TThank again!
  4. You can also use any VPN browser plugin, such as "Hola". Might be faster than using TOR.
  5. Hello everyone, I purchased EGHR yesterday and although I really like the product for the most part, I am not too happy with the way the airport's ortho blends into TEGB. Or am I the only one seeing this? In case I am not the only one, I believe this is not the best effort for a product that's sold as "Matched to TrueEarth GB"... What's your opinion?
  6. Thanks for the heads up Nick, will wait for this to be fixed then.
  7. Thanks for the quick reply Nick. Unfortunately the cross-platform link still doesn't work. Can't try via FTX Central since I am running Linux. Anyway, still getting the 404 here... By the way my transaction ID is 5c083adf94399. Thanks!
  8. Same here, cross-platform download doesn't work. Instead I get a "404 Not Found" message...
  9. Hi everyone, just purchased Shoreham and I love it. However, for the Groundtraffic plugins to work on my Linux machine I had to rename the folders from "Plugins" to "plugins" as per X-Plane's naming conventions. Thanks a lot for yet another great UK scenery though!
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