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  1. hoping next summer2 go fly inthe real world 2 a cpl Orbx airports n visit the real airports maybe jv and all sir n Orbx dev team i will have photos from the trip probbly be flying in a v35 bonanza so enjoy that i may try to get flight viideo for you all
  2. help icant logg in ftx central the new up date cant find p3d v4 ????????
  3. Hello there guy was wandering if any one else is having loggin in issueswith ftx central 3 for X plane 11 Nothing happens wen i cliick on loggin on ftx central 3 ???????????? I am not able too Logg in this wonderful Morning i have the correct user name and password click on logg in nothing happens and is very confused what to do nxt can a staff get back to me on this matter As Ap sincerely John
  4. there back at reno first time since 2012 being there finished 3rd in gold unlimited this yr i a m impressed plane was restored again after 2002 and 2006 they had 2 incedents in 2002 as you can see and what the plane looks like now in 2018 and yes they blew a engine in 2006 had 2 rebuid the motor 100% every thing in 2006 and has not raced in reno since 2012 it been a cpl yrs great to see them return in 2018 and got a 3rd place finishe
  5. hello ftx Orbx i have for gotten my info i have been a way from flight simulation for a wile my name s john zeggert jr i have had a lot of thing go on in my life and now finally getting back to flight sim and updated alot of things recently was wandering if you would help me with this looking up my account with you guys ?? like i have said i have been a way for quite a wile so ???
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