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  1. OMG... I *just* found out about this new KSAN because I was using MisterX6 KSAN with Orbx TE SoCal and it was quite bumpy (my original reason for coming here). For installation purposes should the proper sequence be: (1) Update Orbx TE SoCal (2) Replace MisterX6 KSAN with CaptnChris KSAN (3) Apply Orbx TE patch Do we need to re-run that tile for ortho or should that do it? Thanks all for your work in the previous weeks!
  2. Like... seriously... just take my blood or my first born (which I will never have). This looks absolutely amazing and, once there's Northern *and* Southern California (along with the existing Oregon and Washington) you're going to find MANY takers! I will gladly remove all my existing Ortho4XP tiles in these areas. Cheers!
  3. When your own product is advising me to uninstall by removing a folder from a DIFFERENT scenery altogether it can make one wonder who is on their game. I fear I made a mistake in getting this - but I do thank you for trying to help. Perhaps a dedicated Mac person (or team) would be better since they know how it operates.
  4. Hello to whomever finds this. I am a Mac user and just downloaded the Cross Platform version of this scenery. Unlike Chicago Meigs field, there are other things we need to do in order to get this to work. The instructions state "Run the _mac_1_conversion script to convert the textures **Note that this process will take some time** You may need to adjust your security prefernaces (sic) to run this script" What precisely should I be looking for? I believe - though it's not mentioned here AT ALL (an issue I've had with ORBX not having complete instructions) - that I should be typing into Terminal the following: chmod +x (and then click/drag the _mac_1_conversion exe file from the Orbx_C folder) and then press enter. I see nothing happening...anywhere. Can someone please tell me... what should I be seeing? Where should I look? And how will I know when it's done? What should I expect? When will I know that it's time to run the _mac_2_cleanup script? And do we not use the nvcompress-osx script at all? Any help is appreciated or I may just need to request a refund for something that is not simple to set-up.
  5. I have no idea how much time to allow or what I should be seeing. I'm not going to just let my computer run for three hours on blind faith, surely you can understand that. Again, if I don't know what I'm looking for how will I know when it's complete?
  6. The instructions are NOT complete. I will annotate as follows as to why they are not: 1. Locate your X-Plane folder on your hard disk2. Open the '/Custom Scenery/' folder inside your X-Plane folder3. Extract the TrueEarth Great Britain South folders into the Custom Scenery folder >>>We are good to this point.<<< 4. Run the _mac_1_conversion script to covert the textures **Note that this process will take some time** You may need to adjust your security prefernaces to run this script >>>What should I be looking for? What is this process to convert - is it the video as provided by Ben? If so, what should I be seeing in the Terminal window? Will there be nothing? How will I know when it's completed so I can follow Step #5 below? For this reason your instructions are incomplete to a non-tech user.<<<< 5. Once completed, run the _mac_2_cleanup script to delete jpg files >>>Again, what should one see and how will one know when this is completed? Again... the instructions are incomplete.<<<< 6. Launch X-Plane. Duh. I'm trying to smile... but the expectation set was "oh... this is easy!" and it's been anything but which is why I'm very frustrated. The only other scenery I have from ORBX, Chicago Meigs, went directly from the download into the \Custom Scenery folder and worked like a charm. So please... more-complete instructions, maybe even illustrated for non-tech users.
  7. So you're saying that the instructions are incomplete AND I cannot get help from the forums. That's just great. Thank you for your time - I will be requesting a refund if this cannot work.
  8. What did you have to do to get it working... simply put the TE GB folders into /Custom Scenery or did you have to run the conversion in Terminal? I can't seem to get it working either way.
  9. It is not right now. I deleted it and started from scratch again because, as I've stated, I am unsure of how to proceed. Let's start with this... should I do the MANUAL download as originally indicated or the CROSS-PLATFORM? (and if the latter then shouldn't it, similar to Chicago Meigs, be drag-and-drop into the scenery folder?) I am currently in-process of re-downloading the Cross Platform unless you suggest otherwise. This is becoming too much work... really. John
  10. Below is the text I received on my FB page for your reference (when it was posted yesterday it indicated to do a MANUAL download). I do not know if the Cross Platform download came out since then. ============= TrueEarth GB South is now Mac ready! We have had a couple of technical hiccups resulting in delays, however we have a workaround that will get you all up in the air.To get started, follow these steps:Go into your OrbxDirect account and click on TE GB SouthAt the bottom of the screen click the manual download option for Mac/Linux usersExtract the 3 TE GB folders to the /Custom Scenery/ folderNow it's time to convert textures which may take awhile. To do this:Open TerminalAlso open the X-Plane 11/Custom Scenery/Orbx_C_GB_TrueEarth_Orthos folderType chmod +x followed by a space. Then drag and drop the _mac_1_conversion file onto Terminal. You should then see the full path to the file.Press enterType chmod +x followed by a space. Then drag and drop the nvcompress-osx file onto Terminal. You should then see the full path to the file.Press enterAdd scenery entries as per this walkthrough.And you're done! If you're still stuck, Ben made a video of the texture conversion process that you can find here:https://streamable.com/b8bt0If you need assistance, please visit our X-Plane support forum here: https://orbxsystems.com/.../260-x-plane-11-support-forum/
  11. In short... it is unclear to me if one should process the Manual Download or utilize the Cross Platform. After downloading, what precisely should one do and what should happen as part of that process. This is the proverbial nutshell.
  12. There is but it's a bit ambiguous. (1) I was under the impression that a Mac user had to use Terminal if it were a Manual Download, as was originally explained to me. Now that there's a Cross Platform download, I (perhaps mistakingly) understood that to be download and install - but that isn't the case? (2) After installing the folders inside my Custom Scenery folder I got a message indicating that the files could not be found, so I presumed that I, in fact, WOULD need to to this process with Terminal. (3) I received, on my FB page, a video file by Ben McClintock showing what to do - which differs from what is stated in the printed instructions (first thing that made me scratch my head). (4) Following the written word, after running the _mac_1_conversion script (in Terminal) there is no mention in the text as to what one should see... where to look... etc. At best the instructions, when compared against the video file that was part of a response to my query, make little sense. Can there be one COMPLETE set of instructions that also alerts the user as to what to expect and where to look?
  13. So are you saying all one needs to do is download the cross platform version and it's all done? I ask because X-Plane 11 isn't seeing my scenery.
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