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  1. I have just purchased EGNX for X-Plane 11. Before I installed the scenery I would be getting around 30fps with the Zibo 737 and over 40 with a default aircraft, like the Cessna 172. Since install I am now getting between 8-10fps and the rendering warning keeps popping up. I have set the sliders a lot lower but makes no difference. My system is: i7 3770 @ 3.4GHz, 16Gb RAM, GeForce GTX 1050Ti I have attached 2 pictures. One shows a frame rate of just over 9fps at EGNX and the other is at the default X-Plane 11 Glasgow airport.
  2. Having purchased TrueEarth Great Britain South - X-Plane 11, the closest airport to my house (EGNX) East Midlands Airport buildings look like farm buildings? There is no tower either. Please can you help?
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