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  1. I think you need a holiday after all that travelling! Great shots from your tour! John.
  2. You sure get around! Excellent collection Carlos! John.
  3. Awesome set of shots Paul! John.
  4. Really stunning shots! John.
  5. Those are incredible Filou! Chapeau! John.
  6. Thanks Paul! I normally don’t post as beside you guys I never feel they are good enough! But Adams nod to the Tiger Moth encouraged my wallet! Cheers, John.
  7. Thanks for your kind comment Iain. John.
  8. Great selection Iain. Cant say more! John.
  9. Inspired by Adam to purchase the Tiger Moth. Its a real gem. Just visiting Belfast Aldergrove by Pyreegue which is an awesome piece of work.
  10. There will always be an England Iain! Super shot! John.
  11. Excellent tour of the field and buildings. Outstanding work! John.
  12. Sweet Graeme, very sweet! John.
  13. Simply wonderful set of shots! John.
  14. Brilliant and beautiful shots Adam! I’m trying hard to keep me wallet in my pocket! John.
  15. Really wonderful shots! I’ll have to progress to outside UK and Ireland! But then Donegal or my own county Mayo! John.
  16. Very nice Iain! It does look rather swifty! John.
  17. Well how’s about ye Paul! Fantastic set of shots! And the title as in Irish with fadas. That’s a first! Gur a mille a maith agat! John.
  18. Great set Paul! Especially love the first and last shots! John.
  19. All beautiful Iain, especially No 3. John.
  20. Right on the money!
  21. Amazing lighting and images! Thank you, John.
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