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  1. Oh! I had not realised that there was a new application, that has fixed it. Many thanks, Ian.
  2. I'm having some trouble with FTX Central not letting me download EGNM. This morning I bought 4 airports; Compton Abbas, London City, East Midlands and Leeds Bradford. The other 3 installed fine and are working but I don't have an option to download Leeds Bradford in FTX Central, it just says 'There are no downloads available for this product'. Things I've tried: Restarting FTX Central Restarting my PC Hitting the 'Clear Temp' button in FTX Central Many Thanks
  3. Apologies kaboki, I also have this issue at Cardiff. I see in one of your other posts that you have this problem at Shoreham, Cardifff and Goodwood. I also have it at Shoreham and Cardiff but the concrete areas of Goodwood behave as normal in my sim.
  4. I have the same issue at Shoreham that Joe is having, the concrete apron is fine but just after joining the asphalt taxiway my plane will stop and then behaves as if it is on grass. kaboki - I don't have the issues you are describing at the other UK Orbx airports, I own all of them and they're all working well for me. It sounds like a different problem.
  5. I'm not sure of the coordinates, I just took off and flew north from East Midlands Airport until I reached the boundary, it was only a few miles. After comparing our screenshots again, it looks like Suspman did the exact same thing as both our shots appear to be in the same location.
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