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  1. Interesting movie and cool idea. Do you have a map of the route you are using(you used)?
  2. Been exploring southern Norway (treated myself to Norway, ENNO, ENSD and ENSG for the holidays) in the A2A Commanche. Gorgeous area.
  3. I would love to see this area developed. The Alaska and Aleutian mountain ranges, a few more full blown airports (e.g. PAKN, PADU, PACD, PASD, PAPH), challenging weather conditions would make for a great place to fly.
  4. I'm sure airport requests are overwhelming but this one really needs the ORBX touch, especially since New England is getting some attention now.
  5. Wow, this one is a real treat for me. Born and raised in CT, I have great memories growing up and flying with my father. Just a short flight from Robertson (4B8) in Plainville, CT, he would often fly me and a couple of friends out to spend the day at the public beach, grab something to eat and come home. Ever since he passed away I recreate with a virtual flight on his birthday in late January. Looks like it will be even more special this new year
  6. Fair enough. I mainly asked because I got burned a few months ago when I finally upgraded to Prepar3d v3 from v2. The files I had locally were the most recent according to naming convention but some didn't have the v3 installers. Very frustrating but eventually sorted it out.
  7. But let's say you decide to switch from FSX to Prepar3d v3. Comparing the file you downloaded for FSX with the latest available would lead you to believe you have the most up to date content. Of course you won't be able to install in Prepar3d v3 becasue it won't be an available option. If the actual scenery content didn't change then the installer should be a separate piece of software that is properly versioned itself. Also, I'm quite sure from the updates here that content for KSFF and KBZN did indeed change.
  8. Why don't version numbers change when the installers are upgraded for a new platform? For example, the latest version (quad-installer) of KSFF is still 1.00! It can be very confusing thinking you have the latest archive based on version/filename. The previous zip for KSFF was 'OrbxFTXNAKSFF100.zip' while the new zip is still 'OrbxFTXNAKSFF100.zip'. The content has changed so shouldn't the version/filename?
  9. Re-download did the trick. Very strange that they didn't rename/reversion as the new dl was a slightly different zip file. Fixed the v2 - v3 conflict. Thanks
  10. I think FTX Central 2 f'ed things up. My prepar3d v2 and v3 have the same installs according to the utility which is NOT true. A uninstaller would be nice but ORBX products don't seem to ever have one. Any ideas how to uninstall FTX Central?
  11. I don't have the option for Prepar3d V3 when trying to install the PNW and PFJ regions. CRM, NRM and SAK all installed fine. I have the latest version from the Flight Sim Store. PNW - 180 PFJ - 140 Any ideas?
  12. Not sure if this works in FSX, but for Prepar3d it is as simple as renaming the aircraft.cfg file to something like aircraft.cfg.HIDE. Windows will warn about changing the file extension but it is harmless. If you change your mind, just remove the .HIDE extension.
  13. Aren't the Bahamas essentially flat as well? Might be fine with the global/vector/openLC. The rest of the Caribbean might benefit. Really would like to see New England and the Eastern Canadian coast get the full treatment.
  14. Thanks for the links, I wasn't aware of those. I guess I wasn't very clear in my post. Certainly wouldn't be the first time I'm aware that these strips exist and are modeled in the regions. I'm just saying it would be nice to have a collection of them that have the same level of detail as the payware add-on airports. Because they are bush strips, they wouldn't require the same amount of work as say a detailed municipal airport (my assumption), so you could package 3-5 together for roughly the same price. Here is ID29 in the Central Rockies: It would be nice if they had a similar level of detail as say CBB7:
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