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  1. Ok i have no more questions, thank you for your effort and detailed explanation!
  2. Thank you, and those files are stored in the addon directory or in one of the vector folders?
  3. No problems there, just needed an example, could you please give me an example for another airport ? Thank you
  4. Thank you, could you give me an example for FlyTampa Corfu? So which files would have been deactivated there. Thanks
  5. Thank you, can you tell me which files are altered ?
  6. Hello together, i would like to know where Vector "stores" oder "saves" the Altitude correction for the enabled/disabled aiports, is it in a Vector config file or something that is getting deleted/resetted by uninstalling Vector ? Or does Vector change some P3D/3rd Party scenery files that stay active even after uninstalling Vector. Thank you very much
  7. Hello together, i would like to know if one of the following Orbx Products adds and/or changes autogen-entries in the "default.xml" in the "\Prepar3D v4\Autogen"-folder or adds its autogen definitions somewhere else: Global Base OpenLC Europe OpenLC North America Germany South LOWI Global Vector Buildings HD TerraFlora v2 Orbx Libraries Because when i reinstall/repair the P3D-content it rebuilds my "default.xml" and i would like to know if i have to reinstall some Orbx addons to have alle the autogen displayed correctly. Thank you very much.
  8. Ok thank you, it seemed to work. I also discovered that there were two entries for SODE in "Add or remove programs", 1.5.1 and 1.6.8. Also in Central it was first installed in the "C:\Users\Sebastian\AppData\Roaming\Orbx\Central\SODE\Orbx\Scripts" directory, after uninstalling it and reinstalling it with Central it was "correctly" installed in my library: "D:\P3D Addon Scenery\Orbx\Orbx Library\p3dv4\SODE SimObject Display Engine\Orbx\Scripts"
  9. Everytime i open Central it tells me that SODE needs an update, when clicking on it it gets installed and when closing and reopening Central it wants to update again, How can i fix this? Thank you
  10. Is that a general recommendation? If yes, why does Orbx Central offer the possibility to install it into a library? thank you regards Sebastian
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