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  1. With the recently released Adelaide, Brisbane & Sydney airports fitting perfectly together with each of their corresponding landmarks packs, does Orbx have plans to provide local international airport scenery to accompany the new announced Landmarks packs, such as Mumbai?
  2. I know True Earth GB is now on hold for AFS2, but are we likely to see any of the Orbx airports being converted to AFS2? There are some great freeware UK sceneries being developed for the platform now, so I assume it’s not that hard to do them. It would be great to see Orbx’s Southampton, East Midlands, Edinburgh and the newer Earth Simulations airports being converted over. The default Dash 8 (Flybe) would make for a great aircraft to fly to/from these airports. QF10
  3. Would there be a possibility of an Aerofly version. This would make a great hop from/to Orbx Innsbruck.
  4. John, please don’t shoot me down for asking this question. How many are going to be for FSX or other platforms, I don’t have P3D or XP
  5. Thanks Nick ... I was talking about future developments for AFS2 and them being marketed on Steam. Please don’t take my comment out of context. It’s pretty obvious that Orbx has previously sold AFS2 products via Steam ... The intent of my comment was ... if Orbx had developed GB for AFS2, would Orbx have used Steam , with the implementation of Orbx Direct? I for one very much doubt it would have done just going by JVs comment, and that market approach, in my opinion, could have impacted future sales on the platform. I guess we will never know ...
  6. If Orbx do move away from AFS2 completely, it will leave a sour taste in my mouth that’s for certain. Ever since the original GB announcement I have been holding out for this development (and others) Justflight also seem to be investing in the sim, the combination of the 2 developers would be a VR VFR paradise. Maybe JV should consider selling via Steam instead of just Orbx Direct. After all, I should imagine most AFS2 (VR) simmers purchase from steam for the easy interface to VR.
  7. Cheers Nick, didn’t even realise that forum was there
  8. Yes, I think so ... I have only tried the one airport, and the buildings all seem to be showing fine there. All the FSX start errors have also disappeared.
  9. I spend most of my sim time flying ‘regionals’ around the outback strips featured by OZx. Before jumping to AUv2 can someone let me know how OZx interacts with AUv2, does it cause graphical anomalies, issues etc? Thanks in advance QF10
  10. Hi Nick, thanks for the file however I already have this version of objectflow.dll from the Orbx library download. Luckily having a dig around my old HDD (luckily I hadn’t reformatted it) I found the files I needed to replace, so replaced them.
  11. Hi Nick, sorry yes it does and when I click Yes it’s a CTD, if I click no no then the module is not loaded and FSX boots up as normal. Unfortunately when I load the selected airfield that errors it is missing its buildings, but people flow etc are all still working. I read that this is an objectflow issue and to redownload via the ObjectFlowUpdater tool within the scripts page, This tool is showing the above error. I am fairly certain that if this tool updates correctly, the objects will then reappear and the error message will also disappear at startup.
  12. Updating FSX modules ... DLL.xml C:Users\****\Appdata\Roaming\Microsoft\FSX\dll.xml DLL.xml C:Users\****\Appdata\Roaming\Microsoft\FSX-SE\dll.xml Requesting the current version from server ... ERROR: Unable to download the metafile Updating P3D modules ... Requesting current version from server ... ERROR: Unable to download the metafile
  13. Hi, I have reinstalled FSX SE onto a SSD ... I downloaded & updated to the latest version of Orbx’s library files via FTX3 and my airports via manual installers (as these were purchased via DVD) After installation I am receiving a Dynamic Object Module error at the start screen of FSX. I have attempted to manually update the object flow.dll files for each of these airports via usage of the ObjectFlowUpdater tool. Unfortunately the tool cannot complete it’s task, due to not being able to download the meta files. Any help to get the ObjectFlowUpdater or the objectflow.dll files to work / download would be appreciated. Thanks QF10
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