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  1. Hello, I got Orbx Edinburgh and it’s a good representation of the real airport. I’ve noticed that there are stands such as 18 which do not appear to be programmed as available parking spaces, as they can’t be selected from the p3d airport menu. Some stands are missing from the list of stands and when I manually park the aircraft there, they don’t detect that there is a standard sode jetway there. I wonder if anyone has a fix for this or can get this problem updated by GAYA simulations. It’s a pity because stand 18 is one of the main heavy stands for the 787 which I use a lot. Some bits of the airport aren’t complete like a few stands missing from the menu.
  2. Thank you for replying with the other link. I have tried all the suggestions, went into the Scenery file and turned off all of the BGL files such as people flow and car parks etc. It feels these features should be an option to configure in the Edinburgh configuration in Orbx Central, it seems strange for a consumer to have to manually and tediously rename files. I turned my p3d settings to the full left, and unfortunately there are around 4/5 -12 FPS maximum, making takeoff and landings essentially impossible because of the stuttering. My computer is very capable and runs all other major sceneries smoothly on almost full p3d graphics settings. EGPH seems like a rushed job, although very nice to look at, I like to be able to fly from an add on airport, and I now respectfully request a refund, as the software is unfinished, unoptimised and not fit for purpose. I will be happy to sign the document to say I have deleted the software from my computer before processing the refund, as per Orbx’s customer terms and conditions of return. Many thanks. Christopher
  3. 5eea34f8b9471 Here is my transaction ID which I forgot to include. Performance at EGPH is quite abysmal and other than an update , I’d prefer a refund. thanks
  4. Shall I post my issue there? Or is that the solution to my problem
  5. Hello, I bought Orbx Edinburgh yesterday evening and was excited to have an upgrade on the Uk2000 Edinburgh. My PC has decent specifications and can handle a lot of complex airports, like Aerosoft EGLL and fly tampa EHAM and EKCH at around 30-40 fps , but Orbx Edinburgh was running at around 5 fps, making the airport unusable. I have the recommended settings from the Edinburgh user guide set in the p3d graphics options. I also use Orbx global base pack, EU Scotland, and Open LC Europe. Maybe my scenery library is disordered, I’m not sure what is causing such awful performance issues but I wonder if this could be remedied or If I could be given a refund. Apart from the performance issues I’ve noticed quite a few unfinished parts of the airport that aren’t really noticeable until I’d paid and installed it, like the floating Safedock systems and unblinded runway grass edges. Many thanks.
  6. Hello, I bought openlc europe to sit on top of ftx global, and I tried to install but got the out of space warning by ftx central. It said I need 23 gb free and my system only has 11gb free. So I deleted lots of stuff and now have 40gb free, so I tried it again but it still says "you only have 11gb free". It's very annoying and seems to be stuck giving out that warning. I restarted the computer but no joy. Please help. Thank you.
  7. Hello, I have just upgraded from FSX SE to p3d and I’m trying to install Orbx FTX global, but when I click install, it just sits for ages and says “scanning”. Earlier today it was nearly done installing threw up a warning that I hadn’t enough memory on the c drive so I deleted some unneeded stuff and re tried it but now it’s stuck “scanning”. Thank you
  8. A quick question, In order to get the best out of the orbx global lights , in fsx se do you think light bloom should be on or off? I have it on and it looks quite good but there are quite bright rays of light making it a bit hazy. Do you think these screenshots look alright in terms of light. Thanks
  9. Fantastic news, Thank you very much Nick for the speedy reply. I can always rely on you for that!
  10. Hello, I just moved to FSX steam edition as I heard its more stable on newer machines than fsx boxed edition. I already had the latest FTX central installer downloaded in my downloads folder so used that to install my orbx FTX Global and FTX Scotland to my new steam fsx. NB, I uninstalled fsx boxed yesterday and didn't do the registry repair fix as i didn't realise this was required till after install. Here is my problem. It says my orbx products are installed and up to date, but in the scenery library there are only the open land class base, europe and north america folders and only the ftxaa orbx libs. But in the simulator, loading a flight everything seems right, I can see that the orbx textures have been installed but I remember for fsx boxed edition there were more ftx global entries than the ones in my fsx steam scenery library. Is this normal, and if not what should I do. A complete reinstall of fsx steam, registry repair and then reinstall? There was no way for me to specify what folder to send the orbx products to so I fear they have been installed to a now non existent fsx box version? Please help. Thankyou ps , I ran the trouble shooter and it came with this; as I havent installed scotland yet. But everything else seems normal?
  11. Ah right thought that might be the case. Thanks
  12. Thanks for that, I tried to find the proper thread originally but the old coot kept popping up, turns out they didn’t want me aha. Anyway my specs are Nvidia GTX 1050 SSD256GB, 8GB Ram, 3.7GHZ cpu. Thanks
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