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  1. It’s fixed, for the most part. The FTX Mode still won’t stay checked, but the duplicate signs are gone. Good enough for me. Thanks!
  2. I’m having the same issue, FTX Central won’t save the FTX Mode to SoCal. I believe as a result I am getting duplicate taxiway and runway signs on the ground. Can you describe a little bit more in depth what you mean here?
  3. I’ve tried to uninstall and reinstall twice and I’m still having issues. The reinstall fixed the issue I was having in the FTX control panel where it wouldn’t let me choose “without static aircraft.” But the issue I’m still having is it won’t let me click the box to use “FTX Southern California Mode.” I check the box, but every time I open the control panel, the box remains unchecked. And I’m guessing as a result, I’m getting duplicate runway/taxiway signs on the ground. Sorry if this is a repeat post, but I can find a fix other than a reinstall.
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