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  1. It's a night flight alright, different but nice.
  2. Excellent.
  3. Unforgettable voice Rodger. From The Voice with Nicholas David.
  4. Good thing you can just restart Iain. Nice shot though.
  5. Great shot.
  6. My very first flight was on a TWA Connie from Pittsburgh to Chicago on my way to Navy boot camp. My most exciting flight was from San Francisco to Hawaii, very scenic and turbulent.
  7. Thank you John. Thank you Andreas.
  8. And the cases of beer. Thank you Wayne.
  9. Yep, got it. Thank you Paul.
  10. Lots of nasty weather in the Aleutian Islands and the Bearing Sea Don. Thank you.
  11. Nice variety of shots Mike, enjoyed them.
  12. Terrific set of shots Chunk.
  13. Wonderful set of shots Paul.
  14. Indeed it does. Thank you. Thank you kindly Andreas.
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