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  1. No Chance, no matter what anybody else says, no way. Mark my words
  2. My bet is on an April 2019 release. Bart
  3. What is this XP 11 thing people are talking about?
  4. Thanks Marcus. I’ve figured that out just before going to bed last night. Thank you for your help. I’ll try and google those shaders and see how that works thanks mate Bart
  5. Hello, In the attached photo there seems to be big difference in the colour of the snow. Could someone please tell me everything is installed correctly or not? I have all the ORBX regions, Vector, global, landlclass installed, I have re installed ESNQ and I still have the same issue. Win 10 X64 32 gb ram 8700 cpu Thank you for your help. Bart
  6. Yep, Alaska, Alaska, Alaska. Need I say more?
  7. Hi Nick, Thank you for your reply. It's all good now. When you said "that's all" you meant it:) I thought it was a more complicated process but everything is working just fine, Thank you. Just copied everything over, re installed FTX Global Base and everything is already in scenery library, activated, and now I'm humming along YMML v3 with everything maxed and getting a steady 35 FPS thanks to my new 8700K and water cooling.:):) Thanks mate Bart
  8. Hello all I have built a new pc and want to, or rather am, moving my ORBX stuff to the new PC as per Nick Coopers instructions. Problem is when I did what was said, FTX global pack is dowloading again, all 3.31 GB and its still going! The backup is 1 day old with everything up to date. I have copied over ORBX folder, scenery\World\scenery, Sound and Effects from my old P3dV4 folder to the new P3dV4 folder. Nick doesn't actually say that P3dv4 to P3dV4 works, just that FSX to FSX, FSX to FSX SE will work. He does say P3Dv3 to v4 wont work. That's fine. But I am going from v4 to v4. Further, Nick doesn't say if the above mentioned folders should come from FSX root folder or the P3Dv4 root folder. I took mine from the P3dv4 root folder. Have I done something wrong? Thanks guys Bart
  9. Hurry up Alaska. Mr. Visa is ready to go.
  10. FSE forums have been down for a few days now, hence the redirection. Bart
  11. Yep all great areas. I would like to see Norway, all of Alaska and Canada done by ORBX. Cheers Bart.
  12. Martin, Did as you have asked and nothing has changed:(
  13. Wolter, I have done as you have asked to the letter. Still can't get FSX to start. The following error still shows up: "FSX requires atleast on of each of the following to run: a vor, an ndb, and a waypoint. There is currently no airports in the dataset" After doing what you have said above I have also tried to repair FSX and still it wont boot up. I very much appreciate your help but I think it is looking more towards and uninstall and re install. What do you think? Should I try and uninstall only FTX products or just start from scratch? Thanks mate,
  14. Ok, Ithink we are getting somehwhere now. I have done as you have asked, the repair has been completed but the following error now comes up: "FSX requires atleast on of each of the following to run: a vor, an ndb, and a waypoint. There is currently no airports in the dataset" I have deleted the scenery.cfg file and I am now asked to repair FSX. Is this what I should do?
  15. Hi Wolter, When you say "run the repair" do you mean do a repair of FSX via the FSX installation disks? or do you mean a repair through FTX Central? Just a few further points, I have Acceleration addon, Win7 64bit. Thanks mate
  16. Hi Wolter, Thank you very much for your quick reply. I have just done as you have asked and got the following error: The 'Scenery.cfg' file is missing or damaged. Please reinstall FSX to restore or repair the file' I have actually already tried to repair FSX, prior to the 1st post, with no results:( What else can I try mate? Cheers
  17. G'day, Slight problem. This morning when I wanted to start FSX the following error occured: "Flight Simulator CANNOT run without a valid scenery.cfg. Please uninstall and reinstall Flight Simulator" Last night FSX worked fine, besides a small issue, and no changes were made! The small issue was that I was having some elevation errors in the PNW region "KCOE" actually and some other airports. So I went about looking on the forums and with the help of some threads I was able to mostly get rid of the elevation errors I then download the PNW patch 4 and 4a installed it and FTX central was set to North America. Before starting FSX I wanted to check that FTX central was set to North America and got the following error: Terrain.cfg has no [LandClasses] section. Please help, the maximum amount of time a human body can go without FSX and FTX is 3 days Cheers
  18. Brave move, Mac When you learn how to modify, I'd like that temp gauge in the CS c-130 in the VC now:) Good onya mate Bart
  19. Thanks Adam. yes it is a calculator on my yoke, used frequently when flying in Australia for true VFR navigation. And yes it's a Matrox triple head monitor setup. cheers Bart
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