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  1. Thanks for all those information. Seems that what is planned for 2028 is already present at some extent... when I installed your software yesterday, I was surprised that it didn't ask me where my xplane software is. It surprised me so much that I went into my xplane folder to check if the sceneries I got (freeware for now, to test them) are there... and indeed they are... From years I always wanted orbx to come to xplane, when I still was on XP10, as your sceneries look so stunning, I really want them. I'm a GA pilot student, I love helicopters too, so I love low level flights, and with current sceneries, low level flight is less beautiful than high level ones. This is why I want orbx to come on XP. Sad to me it never happened... And now, now dreams come true, and I thank you deeply for that... Still wonder what will be the first payware scenery I should buy for XP11 for a small GA plane pilot like me, or for helicopters...
  2. Those are great news. I always admired the orbx products but never got one as I never had fsx, only xplane. Now I can... BTW what is the best orbx scenery for X-Plane 11 for small GA planes and helicopters? Now, you know where all people in Europe want to go? French riviera. South East of France. Cannes mandelieu Airport, LFMD. Small business Airport, with on one side Monaco, everybody knows Monaco, and on the other side Saint tropez. We have the sea, and the mountains, not far away. That would be an awesome scenery to add to orbx :) Needless to say, LFMD is where I fly :)
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