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  1. Aerofly, XP11and P3D are dead. MS Flight Simulator is the future.
  2. After Microsoft unveiled the new simulator, I didn't invest in any current simulator. XPlane, Prepar3D and Aerofly are things from the past.
  3. When I see the enthusiasm of users in this forum, I am increasingly sure that Orbx will no longer release products for AFS2. The same in the iPacs forum, because I do not see any official news for the simulator and any major update.
  4. That's exactly what I think. I use aerofly since early access and know all the updates the simulator has received. But as our friend pmb said, this kind of update hardly changes anything in the look of the simulator. The simulator remains stagnant and without major news. Why is the new Microsoft simulator causing so much enthusiasm? Simply because it has features and a look never before seen in any simulator. People want news and evolution.
  5. Aerofy is dead. Not only dead to ORBX, but also to iPaqs. It's late 2019 and iPacs has not released any significant updates to the simulator. The simulator is pretty much the same since its launch in 2016.
  6. IPacs adopt a stupid posture. They deleted the topic on this subject and reported absolutely nothing about updates and progress of their simulator.
  7. O primeiro voo, realmente gravado em fotos e vĂ­deos, foi com Santos Dumont pilotando o 14 bis.
  8. Thanks! But where are the pictures? Will be available via Steam? Or just via FTX Central?
  9. Hello, any predictions of launching new airports/scenery for AeroFly?
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