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  1. Thanks a lot Antonio + Bert. unfortunately I was not lucky with that: First I dowloaded all the zip-files in my alternate drive. Of course with a disk with more than 300 gb... Then I started the Installation* with FTX- Central (from my manually … ) After starting I really expected the installation of the zip-files but FTX- Central reported a download ?! Anyway- I let it happen. But now after 2 days and nights installing (or downloading) it again had only reached 48 %. And because my patience had become slow at the end I took the decision to stop the download and with that my remarkable Orbx- Project- Netherlands too. Thank you very much for your time, help and patience/ muchas gracias. Sincerely Juergen
  2. Hi ALZ, how did it work? First FTX Central, then Download EU Netherlands, then Installation Options with taking the second Option "I already have a backup" and then choose a Location on a disk with more than 300 GB? Is that correct? Thanks for a (short) Feedback. Regards Juergen
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