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  1. Doug, That did the trick. I'm back in business. Thanks for the awesome support. Pete
  2. Hi Carlos, Thanks a lot for those suggestions! How long did you wait before it eventually loaded for you? I haven't tried more than 1 hour. Also, this is probably a dumb question but how would I tinker with my configurations (display, world) if i can't get past the P3D splash screen since it hangs up at 6% every time? As for the second suggestion of deleting the auto generated files and then running P3D and FTX Central 3 to regenerate them... I tried that but still no luck unfortunately. Hi Doug, There is a blue notification above the settings button in FTXC3 for updating. When I try to update, I get the attached error message after install. Any idea what could cause that? It looks like your suggestion of moving FTX entries below my other add-on scenery did the trick. The sim loads up now. But i noticed something strange flying over LA. Looks like there is golf course and farm textures where there should be urban areas. Any idea what's wrong here? Thanks again for all the support! Pete
  3. Hi there, I previously had ORBX northern and southern california installed on my machine with no issues. The scenery was working fine for months until one day i installed FTX global. The first time trying to load a scenario after install, the sim hung up at 6%. This happened every time i tried to load a scenario no matter where int he world i was and it didn't matter how long i waited. I would always have to close the sim using the task manager. Eventually i gave up with FTX global and I found that by using the "delete generated files" shortcut in the P3DV4 main folder, I could finally get a scenario to load up again. The scenery.cfg file must have gotten corrupted somehow when i installed FTX Gloabl. After that I didn't reinstall any of the ORBX sceneries for many months since i was thankful just to get the sim working again and didn't want to risk reliving the nightmare. However, i recently tried to install ORBX southern california again since i figured it didn't cause any issues the first time so risk was low. After the install, i ended up with the same problem as before with scenario hanging up at 6% loaded. I tried waiting it out each time up to 20 minutes with no success and gave up again. This time i did a system restore to the previous day since i didn't want to go through the hassle of reinstall every add-on scenery and the problem was resolved. I still am very disappointed to not have ORBX northern and Southern California though since they are fantastic sceneries. Any idea what was causing the issue with the scenery.cfg file? Would love to have ORBX norcal and socal back. I'm running P3DV4 with the following specs: i7-4790K @4.00GHz 32 GB RAM AMD Radeon R9 200 Series Windows 7 Thanks, Pete
  4. Hi There! I posted this like 5 days ago and got nothing but crickets... My sim went from running like a well oiled machine to non-functional after installing FTX global through FTX central 3. After realizing I was on my own, I spent some time dinking around in the scenery files and got nowhere. For some reason the sim kept hanging up at 6% and I was always forced to use the task manager to close P3D. Since I couldn't access the scenery library, I then tried using the uninstall function in FTX central but all it did was start the download process over (WHAT...?) It was starting to look like I would have to embrace the horror of reinstalling P3D along with every single add on (a tough pill to swallow). Luckily, after a few more torturous hours I was finally able to make some headway. I found that by using the "delete generated files" shortcut in the P3DV4 main folder, I could finally get a scenario to load up again. There must have been something wrong with the scenery.cfg file. I Then spent the next few hours reinstalling all of my add-on scenery to finally get back to the point I was at before installing FTX global. I considered this to be a huge victory despite the money lost. From what I've heard, Orbx support is usually fantastic so this was certainly a fluke, no big deal.. I accept that it's a gamble when installing new scenery. Just thought i'd share this for others that might be having the same issue. BTW - I have had Orbx northern and southern california installed for a very long time and they have never given me problems. I must say that is some very impressive scenery! I have no beef with Orbx, I just got unlucky this time and i'm not the best troubleshooter... Cheers, Pete
  5. Adding computer specs: i7-4790K @4.00GHz 32 GB RAM AMD Radeon R9 200 Series Windows 7
  6. Hi, I just downloaded and installed FTX Global through FTX Central 3 and now when i go to load a scenario, it crashes at 6% every time. I've waited 30 minutes and it remains at 6%. This never happened before installing FTX Global and it's got me freaked out. Any ideas why this would be happening? Thanks, Pete
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