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  1. The picture of Sydney is so old it does not have an Opera House. ORBX has one. Ken
  2. NZSI no debate the best value for money from ORBX Ken
  3. Would not Plan G give you all you need in lieu of a hard copy map? Ken
  4. The wrapper is really no problem. Ken
  5. I think the ORBX enhanced airports in New Zealand are really well done, the majors Christchurch, Wellington and Auckland are very close to the real thing and you will be extremely happy with the departure and arrival scenery. Minors like Hamilton are also excellent. Regards Ken
  6. Where do I adjust to Zoom = 1 is it in the cfg. file if so under what [heading]? Thanks Ken
  7. Thanks really is "the" definition of bush flying. Regards Ken
  8. Make sure you click off "aircraft shadows on itself" Ken
  9. Great addition to the fleet, can take off on land and land on water. Only fault is that there are too many combinations and liveries so you will need to "Panel = OFF" a whole bunch of them to get back top two or three you might fly. I recommend you buy it. Regards Ken
  10. I tried WideViewAspect = True and saw distorted and elongated aircraft beside me whilst standing in parking areas at the airports at the outer edge of my three 27" HD Screens (centre screen was ok) I fixed the distortion by changing WVA to "False". I have a Radeon HD 6990 HD 4GB video card delivering a clear undistorted 7680 x 1440 picture. regards Ken
  11. Mail your copy with covering letter to Flight Sim Store PO Box 4294 Shellharbour NSW 2529 Australia Regards Ken
  12. I really enjoyed that, may I ask the source of the download for the Blue painted jet about 2/3rds thru the video? Thanks Regards Ken
  13. I started with FSX out of the box on a weak laptop and was immediately fascinated by being able to fly anywhere in the world. A few years later and many thousands of dollars invested (see my signature) I am still every day carried away by the current detail of - Scenery e.g. ORBX Stewart, Virtual cockpits e.g. PMDG 737 NGX, Sound packs e.g. TSS and Weather e.g. Opus and REX. FSX may be "old technology" but all the add-ons and enhancements do one hell of a good job of flight simulation for me. Regards Ken
  14. Alex is it worth a try to use "System restore" and go back to a point in time when you did not have problems? Ken
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