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  1. when i download scenery from central it puts it into Community folder let say fly tampa airport then

    move it to Addon linker that all good but when i do not want fly tampa i disable it in Addon linker but in

    Orbx central it show me its not installed but it is installed in Community folder i know you can enable and

    disable it.

  2. What happen to Brisbane it looks really dead  i cannot believe this has happen is my computer or what.

    I been around Orbx and the fltsim a very long time I am very disappointed


    where is the high quality rendition

    Havant who have overhauled the airport & a number of updates

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  3. Moved on from fsx to msfs2020. what about the money spent on all this will new Sydney cost me From Orbx in MSFS2020

    My Scenery List FSX I Have Serial/Registration:


    Order Date: 2009-10-15

     Orbx -YBCS Cairns International Airport-

    Order Date: 2010-12-01

    Orbx- YMML Melbourne International v2-

    Order Date: 2010-05-24

    Orbx- YBBN Brisbane International-

    Order Date: 2010-05-24

    CLS - Sydney YSSY-

    Orbx- Australia SP-

    Order Date: 2014-07-26


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