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  1. Hello, where is the Orbx May sale I'm waiting wanted to buy some addons. Thanks.
  2. Hello carlos, glad that you like it you will need some days to be adapted because of different perception of flying, for eyes i think is like you are watching like on ordinary monitor and it should be fine Im flying 3 hours per day in severals parts. For example, I cant play first person shoters games or some adventures in VR becouse you moving yourself on controler but in real you are sitting on tha chair and it's not confortable I try but I couldn't adapted myself after 15 minutes of playing VR games Im not feeling very well. For flying, experience is different because you are already sitting in chair and also in cockpit and when you try once that you will never go back on monitor. I suggest you to take from some friend and try for some days but Im sure that you will like.
  3. Started with router unboxing goes in X Plane 11 VR and ended up with music video. X Plane 11 video starts at 3:16. Enjoy.
  4. Good morning, I think we are on the good way we don't need cable anymore for PC VR with Oculus Quest 2. LFLJ Courchevel and some shots from Orbx TEGB. Cheers!
  5. Hello there, litlle flight with my chopper near Dundee. TEGB. Enjoy. Cheers!
  6. 11S Sekiu in VR small beauty. When you try once VR for simming, you will never go back on monitor. Enjoy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EnSBwj0QNVI
  7. Very nice shots Jack, I was flying in this area intresting mouintans. atmosphere, fog looking awesome so realistic. Im thinkig to buy P3dv5 I will see.
  8. Hello folks, so I switched to VR for Flight Simming and started to make tours of Airports that I have from Orbx. Here is the first one, I hope you will enjoy. Cheers!
  9. So happy about this. Thanks! With LYBE it will be perfect. Im flying most LYBE-LYNI, LYBE-LYTV, LYBE-LYPG and LYBE-LDDU. Cheers!
  10. Can someone from support help to solve this problem? I have order number. Thanks.
  11. Yes dosen't not work I got license error "Invalid license" for both products. Thanks, Almedin
  12. Dosen't work. I can't find it in Orbx Central. And I don't want to upgrade I was happy with TerraFlora v1. And when I click on info there is the transaction ID, date and down there: No download is currently available for Global TerraFlora. There is no neeed to pay additonal 10 AUD dollars I was satisfied with v1.
  13. I make transfer licnese to Orbx account but I cant find it in Orbx central and on account information is in Unknown category. Any help?
  14. Hello, Im trying to install TerraFlora and 2o3 Angwin Parret Field and I got error Invalid License, also the Turbulent Design site and support forum dosent work. Thanks, Almedin
  15. Hello, here how is performing RX 5700 XT on XP11 Vulkan API with TrueEarth Great Britain South. (Because of Recording Software I lost around 7-9 FPS. Add 7 FPS more on number in video) Cheers! Almedin
  16. Thank you for your answer recently I bought new monitor 1440p so I need for 2K. So I think for 2K and 4K CPU is not important to much.
  17. Hello Im planing to buy new graphics card currently I have GTX 1060 6GB. I need for gaming and also for Prepar3D. So my question Does anyone have this graphics gard RX 5700 XT? Is it good for P3Dv4? Thanks, Almedin
  18. Amazing! Thank you very much for this! I'm so happy now! I'm flying every day from LYBE! @carlosqr Thank you carlos my friend! Cherrs!
  19. Very difficult this time to many awesome screenshots! #7 for me by dexthom!
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