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  1. The LJ 35 from flysimware has to be one of the more challenging aircraft to fly out there, but also rewarding. i found it closer to the DCS Hornet than to any civilian jet on the simulator. This was a short trip from EGLC to LSZS, almost full ATC on VATSIM. Besides the images I'm leaving a short YT video of the landing and yes, I know, I was TOO low on taxi to RWY 27 I love the effects, the wait for a v5 version totally worth it also liked a lot the lights here bye bye England. I'm still not fully glad about clouds.... the green fields of the sweet France Parking... Both were challenging, the approach AND the Landing VID
  2. no, it's not. as you can see in the picture my bonanza was fully loaded so I cannot give her a lift. the picture was taken at a lovely rural airfield in a very old, green and cloudy island
  3. i know its and very old topic among the Orbx forum Community... but look who I just spotted
  4. hello EIDL seems very "flat" just noted this yesterday installed Orbx GLOBAL+VECTOR+IRELAND no bgl file named as EIDL active, at least nothing outside of the EIDL folder tried verifyt files/uninstall/reinstall and resync on Orbx central
  5. one more question here, just checked the Orbx store says porter is only avail for p3dv4, nothing about the v5 version by the by, do you know if other milviz products are v5 compatible already? I'm really missing them on my sim right now
  6. thanks, will check since I bought mine on Aerosoft this is what i have MILVIZ_PC6-PORTER_P3DV4.zip (1.5 GB)Version: 1.190823 if its the same version number it may work
  7. nice shots!!! but with a question. is this the Porter from Milviz???. just curious cause AFAIK its not compatible with v5.... you just installed straight in or there are some steps to be taken?
  8. Hello Nick thanks for the 2 tips I don't have any nav aid scenery installed, will check for AI, perhaps UT traffic or something like that will post back here once I get back home
  9. this does not seem normal, any idea?? add ons: almost everything from Orbx + FS Global Ultimate - NG 2020 DOWNLOAD [img]https://i.imgur.com/tQejIHL.jpg[/img] for a extrange reason forum don't let me pot images with links from imgur, but the link will take you there
  10. thanks, working fine now @Nick Cooper just wondering, if there is finally fix for this, is this going to be integrated into the Orbx central as an update or something like that?
  11. hello, same story here 11s has turned, literally, into a flat top fresh install of windows + fresh install of v5.2 only Orbx add ons at the moment (basically all of them) on the hardware side z390+i7-9700kf+rtx2060+64gb ram+ tons on storage, running p3d from a crucial ssd accelerated by a 32 gb optane
  12. Hello Any news on this? or where/who should I address I own several of the MK products, some of them on Orbx Direct already. but the redeem page doesn't accept my keys for Tenerife. I own both in v4 and on v5
  13. btw, if i got TE GB, then the uk2000 package is no longer necessary right?
  14. my fault from moment one: i just forgot that i have installed uk2000 airfields, all good now
  15. At this moment I’m using P3dv5 fully updated and all of the Orbx global range, Europe, plus regions England/Ireland/Wales/Scotland + env shade/text/sound no mesh add ons installed at the moment
  16. it's working properly? i'm having terrain issues will post screens later
  17. Hello! just dropping a line here to say thanks. Recently noted on the past few weeks that many sceneries came to v5, among them, the long awaited EGLC, so thanks for bringing them back to life please keep it up! only a few remain compatible up to v4, but im confident they will be soon ready (waiting for EGTH) cheers
  18. came here to say thanks also, and please keep it up making v4 compatible with v5
  19. Looks great have 2 questions 1) will volanta be able to retrieve data from my past flights on vatsim. I’m asking because vatsim stores my previous flight plans so the you can find origin? Destination REG/AAAAA data into e remarks sections and a lot of more info, since I fly vatsim since 2002 or so would really love to see my historical logbook imported into volanta 2) is this in any way related to airpark?there is a particular feature I think it would be pretty cool to integrate which is the prefer custom scenery. I own a lot and would like to be sure that I have visited them all
  20. Hello Ed , thanks for your response do you know if we can expect any other scenaries to be updated to v5.1 in the future?, I own a few ones that are not compatible with v5.
  21. Hello, i'm sorry because i'm reactivating an older post, but seems the proper place to ask if this published list is totally up to date https://orbxdirect.com/prepar3d-v5 i'm still waiting for some scenery to show up for v5. the compatibility add on department is still holding me back to jump from v4.5 to 5.1
  22. Hello, is there any plan to move those sceneries to the v5 platform or the shall remain on v4 forever? some of those are holding me back to make the jump to v5, but really want to know if I have to hold my breath about them ar just accept that they are gone forever EGLC , for example, its a pretty new product so its a short lived airport, sad thing since Orbx quality is top notch on every product, so its a product that i don't really want to left behind in the jump to v5 regard
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