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  1. Ah, thank you Nick, I was thinking they could be used in FTX CRM and NRM, but the link appears that I need Global Base Pack first, so I guess I cannot use them. Ah well, those airports as they alredy exist in FTX CRM and NRM are still amazing. They'll have to do. Randy
  2. I apologize for appearing so dense, but I cannot seem to locate where the freeware airports in this thread are available for download. I understand some will no longer be available if they have become payware, but I specifically was looking for some of the Nevada, Utah, and Wyoming airports that don't appear to be payware yet and are in that excel list. I don't see them listed under the freeware tab in FTX Central 3 and don't see a link in the ORBX website either. As I say, probably just me not looking in the right spot. Randy.
  3. I didn't know that until I saw the file on my desktop and then started reading about json files, but yes, one of the aside explanations was that a json file did not necessarily mean it was also a javascript file, even though the file type may seem to indicate it was. Thanks for the reply, again, and for letting me know it was safe to delete without disturbing my ORBX installs... Randy
  4. Thanks for the reply, Nick. I certainly understand that and since "json" stands for "JavaScript Object Notation" isn't FTX Central using "Java" when it uses the json file? At any rate, I downloaded and installed FTX NRM and PNX through FTX Central, which is why I assume the "settings.json" file is on my desktop, but I do not remember seeing such a file over a year ago when I downloaded and installed FTX CRM, also through FTX Central. Is this something new and, to ask what I neglected to ask in my original post...is it okay to delete this file now that CRM, NRM, and PNW are all successfully downloaded and installed? Randy
  5. As a user of FTX Central Rocky Mountains I finally decided, with the current sale going on, to add NRM and PNW to my collection of ORBX products. I did this on Wednesday or Thursday last I believe. Now I just noticed on my desktop a new file named settings.json and after opening it with Notepad++ I see it has something to do with ORBX as indicated by this line in the file... What exactly is this on my desktop for? I honestly want to delete it...never been very trusting of json files since they can serve as a weblink to an offsite server. My hope is it is simply leftover from a temp location that wasn't removed during the FTX NRM/PNW install. Answers appreciated. Randy
  6. Well, thanks for the reply Ed. Sounds like it's not ORBX related unless the FTX Central making the install changed a scenery priority that I didn't catch. I'll take another look. Thanks again, at least I can cross the three things I did off the list. Randy
  7. I am curious about what all was involved in the ORBX Library Objects Update I found out about at TX Central one day while looking through various product offerings. I downloaded the most recent version of the library listed in FTX Central and installed it. The reason I ask, was that ever since, either by coincidence or some other reason...I hope...my scenery textures in FSX while flying in the ORBX FTX CRM region become blurry almost immediately after a departure and then turn "crisp" again usually during my landing roll out or taxi. I have experimented by flying outside of the FTX CRM region and that "blurriness" doesn't occur. It was never like this before I made three changes to my FSX installation. First, I downloaded the library object update. Second, I changed the water color texture bitmap in "Custom" from black to blue (as you may know from another thread I posted). Third, I created a photoscenery 'region" around 75C, Orogrande Airstrip in central Idaho. I have removed the changed bitmap and placed the orignal one back in place...no change the scenery is still blurry. I have removed the Orogrande Photreal from the FSX Scenery Library...no change the scenery is still blurry. I cannot...or at least I don't know how to...remove the library update to see if that is the issue. I do know this much, each time I update from FTX Central the auto-install function placing whatever I download or update in Addon Scenery always rearranges my scenery priorities. When I first purchased and installed FTX CRM I followed the control panel recommended settings for "Display" and saved that scenery config as a personal save called "ORBX.cfg". There is quite a group of us who fly in and around the mountains of Idaho in FSEconomy. One of them purchased FTX CRM (I was using Megascenery Earth at the time) and recommended it to everyone. Two of us, me included, tried FTX CRM and loved it. I removed MSE and have only used FTX CRM since. There are now five of us using FTX CRM and three of us have updated the OBRX Library Objects file. All three of us have blurry scenery while en route that "crispens up" shortly after landing. The two who did not update do not have blurries. Any ideas or similar experiences from other users? Randy
  8. Absolutely, sir, and I can definitely appreciate that, but as it seems the waters don't change with the seasonal changes within the simulator, I prefer the blues over the blacks and mine now looks very much like you second photo. Thank you for marking this as resolved for me and...as always...an excellent response by users and staffs. Exactly what I have come to expect from the ORBX users and designers. My thanks to all. By the way, some very excellent pictures of Anderson Ranch Dam and Reservoir. It's only about 26 miles from my house. My uncle actually helped build it back in the 1940's. I am told the original Anderson Ranch buildings are still standing at the bottom if you go scuba diving in the right place during low water periods. The Bureau of Reclamation relocated the Anderson's downstream below the dam and paid for both the land now under water and the construction of the new ranch downstream, including all out buildings, barns, and the new house for them...and a bridge across the South Fork of the Boise River so they could get to their new home. Randy
  9. Thanks to Stew for his second response and to Bryan for his reply. I narrowed down the "black" water color to bitmap 301b2su1.bmp and replaced only that one, putting all the other originals back in place. Anderson Ranch Reservoir, the others, and the rivers are now a deeper and richer blue than my last screenshot. Having done that and also downloading the suggested water configurator, I consider this issue solved, but not really sure how to indicate that status. Randy
  10. Hello Stewart. Thanks for the reply. I do have REX, but it is the FS2004 version (I have both FS2004 and FSX and still use both depending upon the aircraft I want to fly...though I lean more heavily to FSX). The only other "install" that is similar that I have for FSX is FScene4X, but that has always been installed since I installed FSX years ago and I only noticed the black water since I installed CRM. The lake and river waters outside the CRM region are still bluish...more toward the real Anderson photo and FScene4X is global, so I can only assume if FScene4X were affecting the CRM waters it would be affecting waters globally. And I flew down near Salt lake City today which is within CRM and the Great Salt Lake was a muddy brown, not blackish. Also flew near American Falls reservoir today and noticed that it's waters were almost black, but a very, very dark green. The Boise River, the Salmon River, the Snake River, Anderson, Deadwood Reservoir, CJ Strike Reservoir, Lake Cascade, and Payette Lake look...black. I have considered backing up all the "300-series" bitmaps in FTX CRM and changing one "blue" bitmap to the names of the 25 installed ones and seeing if my waters all turn blue, including the Great Salt lake. That trial and error method will at least prove if it's a CRM texture or some other texture influencing the color. Randy Edit: I think I can say with a decent amount of sureness it is one of the CRM texture bitmaps. I backed up all 25 "300-series" bitmaps and then replaced the 6 "black" bitmaps (301b2su1, 331b2su1, 332b2su1, 333b2su1, 334b2su1, and 335b2su1) with a duplicate of 312b2su1.bmp and got this result... Closer to the real deal I think.
  11. Hello Karoly. Thanks for the reply. I had the Frozen Surface option checked when I originally configured FTX CRM, but as last winter rolled on I soon realized most of the rivers and streams, despite the cold temperatures, do not freeze solid so I unchecked it. So are you saying rechecking Frozen Surfaces will show the correct colors in Spring, Summer, and Fall? Randy
  12. I have FTX Central Rocky Mountains installed and in the region I have been flying...mostly South Central Idaho...the water color in both the rivers and lakes is so close to black that it takes away from the "immersion" of flying here. I am from Idaho and I know this is not how dark the waters really are. By way of example, here is an image from an aircraft of Anderson Ranch Reservoir on the South Fork of the Boise River Northeast of Boise... And this is what I see in FSX Deluxe (the disk version...I do not have the STEAM version)... I read several posts about water color here in the forums and understand that the water textures are in the Custom folder and begin with "300-series" names. I have looked at all 25 "300-series" textures and 6 of them are either completely black or close enough as to be complete. I am thinking that "black" is for night display, but my screenshot is obviously daytime and the water still appears black. This happens on all the major lakes and streams of CRM for me. If I go "outside" the area covered by CRM the lakes and rivers return to a more realistic bluish color. Any idea how I can my Idaho waters to appear more blue than black? Randy Tyndall
  13. Nick, After reading the forum link you posted I am interested in sharing my terminal, though I doubt it would be popular...U76 is just a tiny muni in the middle of the Idaho desert near Boise. May I "Message" you? I have some questions about the process. Randy
  14. Nick, As you can see from the screenshot I was successful using two programs called "BGL2XML" and "XML2BGL" First I started FSX and positioned my aircraft at the four corners of the building I wanted to remove, jotting down the latitude and longitude of each corner of the building. Then I ran FTX_CRM_objects_U76_PLC.bgl through BGL2XML and that gave me an editable .xml file listing all the objects in the .bgl file by GUID with coordinates for the location of each one. I slowly browsed the list and found objects that had coordinates inside the bounding box of my four corner coordinates. There were only two objects that fit that criteria. I deleted both. Then I ran the .xml file in to XML2BGL and created a new .bgl file with the same name and placed it in the correct ORBX location (after backing up the original...just in case) and...voila! Thank you for your help and rest assured, this is for my use only on my system and will not be shared or uploaded. @teecee and BBQSteve, I, too, have Instant Scenery, but luckily I still use FSX so placing my terminal exactly was no problem once the "culprit" hangar was removed. Also, not sure providing user sceneries to ORBX for them to incorporate into their sceneries is proper, unless you mean as an addon separate from the original ORBX FTX CRM scenery, however I have seen several "more realistic" downloads" available that claim to "work in ORBX". I always assumed they had ORBX permissions to do so...perhaps not. I certainly would not be against offering the work I have done to ORBX for them to offer as a separate airport file to replace the ORBX U76. Randy
  15. Thanks for the reply Nick, I guess I don't understand the reference to editing the airport with ADE. If I open FSX/ORBX/FTX_NA/FTX_NA_CRM05SCENERY/Scenery/ADE_FTX_CRM_U76_Mountain_Home_Mun.bgl all I see are the flat surfaces like the runway, taxiways, and ramps as well as a few objects like the tower and windsocks and taxisigns. No buildings of any kind to remove and opening the list no models to remove either. It looks like, by the way the scenery folder is set up, that all the buildings, static aircraft and vehicles are display through the FTX_CRM_objects_U76_PLC.bgl file and that is not editable by conventional means that I know of. I tried in ADE placing an exclude in the "vicinity" of the hangar I want to remove, but it removes my terminal building as well. Randy
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