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  1. That is what I thought. I'll look into what it takes to help with this.
  2. Thanks again. I visited the x-plane.cleverest.eu, searched for the airport and it was listed as 'Relatively old scenery'. Then I visited the gateway website and saw the airport listed. I am guessing that Is what I have to download to fix the airport. Is that correct? When I try to download it says that the scenery pack is already included in XP11 version 11.40.
  3. Two bugs for TrueEarth US Florida HD at the Leeward Air Ranch Airport-FD04. 1. There is what appears to be another soft field crossing over the actual field. See red X'S in picture (1). 2. There is a windsock in the middle of the field located at the center of the runway. See arrow in picture (2). I am actually flying there tomorrow morning. I hope the windsock is really not there. LOL
  4. Operating system: WIN10 Simulator: FSX-SE Screenshot: Issue: I have a third party Mesh add-on and have uninstalled openLC MESH South America. I would like to remove the item from my Orbx.
  5. Hi. I searched the forum and could not find a topic for this. I would like to take advantage of the Leap Year sale and I am considering getting Global HD Building among other items. I currently have REX5 on my sim. Are there any conflicts between Orbx Global Buildings HD and REX5? I've seen a few articles from June 2019 about possible conflicts.
  6. Ok. Thanks. I was able to install manually after many GB download tries. I am trying to uninstall FTXC3. How do I do that? It is not listed in WIN10 Programs.
  7. It is now stuck on Downloading...2.26 GB downloaded with 00:00:01 remaining. This is after I canceled the previous run. It got to 50% this time.
  8. Now it appears it is stuck on 30%. It says is downloading and the time remaining is going down but the progress bar does not move. Pic attached for reference.
  9. Never mind. I went to the settings options on FTXC3 and unchecked the option to check local files. It started downloading.
  10. I just purchased FTX Global Base. I am trying to install using FTX Central 3 but it stops at 10% and the program and computer hangs and stops responding. It goes through the file count and download but does not install. I left the computer running overnight. I am using WIN10.
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