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  1. Great! Thank you very much both of you for your swift replies. Wasn’t aware of that issue concerning your partners. I will check the add-on mentioned. I consider background sounds may improve immersion in the fljght sim. Wasn’t sure if Orbx sceneries included sounds or not. Thanks for the confirmation and, as I said earlier, kudos to you for keeping the developing of X-Plane 11 sceneries.
  2. Just wondering if I may have a reply to this issue posted almost two years ago, please. @John Venema @Bill Womack Thanks. I’m a big fan of your sceneries and I think it is a good decision to continue developing sceneries for X-Plane 11. Including environmental sounds on bush airfields will improve realism on flight simulation.
  3. Is there any sound installed in these airports or is there any plugin in order to instal environmental sounds in these airports? Thanks
  4. Is there any incompatibility issue between ORBX 2B2 and 6B6 and Heron Nest from iBlueYonder? Thank you very much.
  5. I would like to know if there is any sound installed in ORBX Plum island, Minute main airports in X-plane 11. It seems that sounds were included in the versions for FSX and Prepard. Thank you very much.
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