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  1. Being Scandinavian I am very much looking forward to Stockholm and Oslo. Outside Scandinavia I cannot wait for Phuket and Bolzano too! But all of it is great news Anna, thank you! By the way, just to confirm: "This was necessary as we look to use this as the basis for the X-Plane version of the airport and will be available at a discount for existing owners. After that, Matteo will begin work on YBCG Gold Cost as well as look to finalise LIPH Treviso." YBCG is also coming for MSFS, right? Really looking forward to Gold Coast if its coming for MSFS too! Oh and I forgot to add, since I fly helicopters in sim, it would be amazing if Orbx devs would add helipads to whichever airport sceneries you guys make. It's extremely appreciate, especially now since there is work being done by Asobo on getting helicopters in the sim! Just some feedback
  2. I think there will be a configuration option in the Orbx central where you can turn statics on/off. Theres a bunch of airport sceneries that have this option already to turn on/off statics.
  3. I would love an MSFS version of YPEC (now designated YLMQ I believe). It's just so beautiful! . KMRY, PAHO, CYSE and 74S would also be fantastic if they ever arrive to MSFS
  4. You're definitely doing some serious work Pyreegue! I'm more than happy to have you onboard MSFS development, looks stunning!
  5. I was just at Bromma blocks earlier this day! And I dont think I've been this excited about a flight sim airport scenery ever, keep it coming Marcus it looks beautiful and I'm readily awaiting for release
  6. This looks incredible. May I just ask, is the first pic a render or a pic in sim?
  7. Super excited for Bromma! Asobo said they are working with a dev to make the ATR and Bromma will be perfect to have for some BRA ops from Bromma As for ESSA I was hoping that they had incorporated your version through licencing or somehow, it would be unfortunate to see it scrapped
  8. Just wanted you to know that waiting for proper helos in MSFS might not take many years as you think, check this out! Happy simming https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/payware-bell47g-by-flyinside-coming-soon/379099/67
  9. In case you didnt knew, there is another different dev working on YPPH already. Might not be Orbx, but at least one is being made. More about it here... https://fselite.net/news/axonos-announces-perth-airport-for-msfs/
  10. Hello! Great news, preparing my wallet already for a bunch of good stuff on the lists! One question, what does the regional packs for MSFS mean? Improved autogen, landmarks, overlays etc? Thanks once again, Orbx!
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